Teaching Kids How To Recycle


Recycling items in our ‘throw it away’ mentality society can be a struggle to learn for adults and children. Teaching kids how to recycle at an early age will help nurture the ‘recycling’ thought mentality that stays with them throughout their adulthood. Naturally the parents will need to have ‘recycling’ as a priority for their lives and be an example; because kids learn by the way they see adults act.

The schools and educators have been practicing ‘recycling’ for years in the public schools. However it is important for the children to also practice the habit of recycling at home too. There are some basic items such as newspapers, plastic or tin cans that can be separated from regular trash and placed into their own containers. There are companies that will pay by the weight for aluminum cans, steel or iron.

Organizations like Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H Clubs, Boys & Girls Clubs have all created recycling programs to make teaching kids how to recycle easier. Collecting the aluminum cans helps create a fund raiser activity and gets the whole community involved. Recycling the aluminum cans helps raise money for supplies, badges and camping or exploration trips.

Teaching kids how to recycle materials is helping the future generations. By teaching and instilling the value and the reason to recycle to our children, the skill of recycling will stay with them throughout life and just become second nature to them. The earth’s resources are being used today at a high pace and if the children of tomorrow are going to have the resources to live, teaching kids how to recycle must be a priority today.