Kitchen Clean Up Games for Kids

Children can be motivated to clean up is they think that they are actually playing a game. A fun clean up game is teaching children to play, “Mother May I”. Children are to stay seated and can only move when it is there turn to ask mother a wish. They can say, “mother can I get an ice cream cone?” Mother would answer, “No”. They can ask, “mother can I take my dishes to the sink?” Mother would answer, “Yes.” This is a simple game that has no restrictions on what the kids can ask only on what Mother says they can.

The kitchen would soon be cleaned up if the kids are wise or it might take some time for the kids to catch on to the game. The only rule that must be made at the onset of the game is that the kids are not to leave the kitchen until Mother says so.

A simple kitchen clean up game is to allow little boys and girls to play house in the kitchen. The mother or father of the house must set his or her kitchen in order before the game of house can start or as part of the game of playing house. Many children have to learn how to use a dishwasher without breaking dishes. It is wise to let kids play house in the kitchen only when plastic, dishwasher proof dishes are out.

Playing house in the kitchen can involve both boys and girls. The game is to keep the house clean in order to play out the roles of the home makers. Playing house in the kitchen means that the kids have already had experience in playing house with kid appliances in kid’s play rooms. Otherwise, the real mother or father of the house might have to stick around to supervise the kids playing house.