Trendy Diaper Bag

trendy diaper bag

This Trendy Diaper Bag has so many features! They include: a padded, non-skid shoulder strap, removable insulated bottle holder, changing pad in its own sleeve, see-through wipe case, three elastic topped interior pockets and that’s just to name a few! This very practical and stylish bag is great for all day trips and traveling, and caregivers of more than one child, will especially love the roomy interior. The bag is constructed to stand up and stay open so you only need one hand for the bag and one for the baby. Not to mention, it is constructed of Fleurville’s very environmentally friendly fabric, Green-LAM, which has superior attributes like moisture–repellency, UV-resistance, and overall durability; most other bag companies use PVC for this application. This bag is PVC free!