Teaching Kids about Sustainability

recycle teach kids

One of the most important things you can teach your child is about the fragility of the planet they live on, and about why they need to develop good, sustainable habits for the future. What you teach them now will be carried with them into their adulthood, when they start making their own decisions.

Our planet it in great danger. Resources are becoming scarce and we need to manage them better. Many animals are dying and becoming extinct. It is our duty to to better care of our planet so that our children and grandchildren can have the same enjoyments as we have. This can be done if we all recycle on a daily basis.

Many animals are dying because we are cutting down too many trees. Trees are used to make paper, pencils, cardboard and many other products. Everyday, millions of extra trees are cut down because we chose not to recycle. Innocent birds, lions, tigers, snakes and almost every other type of animal is effected. They no longer have a home to live in or enough food to eat. Their children and grandchildren will never be able to survive. Many of them are beautiful animals with interesting traits. Each of them is unique and is not replaceable. They can be used by scientists to cure diseases or balance habitats so that animals can survive more easily. Also, these animals can be displayed in zoos on or television. It is not a wise idea to kill them because we do not want to recycle.

There are unexplored jungles where trees and bushes have medicine. Everyday, scientists learn of new medicines that are in these locations. Cures to common diseases and colds are priceless. Some of these sicknesses have no cures that are found outside of these jungles that we are destroying. Unfortunately, many of them will never be used or found due to the lack of recycling. The more we recycle, the more medicines we will find from trees that have not been destroyed.

Some scientists have reported that in a certain number of years, our resources will vanish. There may be global crisis in economies and many people may perish. Currently, we are using too many resources and earth has a limited number of them. The average person uses far more resources that is necessary. If we all act responsibly and do our part, we can recycle enough to save our planet from an awful future.

Your child can learn about the danger that the planet is in, and you don’t have to tell them in a frightening way. The more they understand and appreciate animals, nature and the world, the more respect they’ll have for it.