kids-recycling teaching

In today’s world, teaching your children how to be responsible in protecting the environment must begin as early as possible. By using these methods to teach your children how to recycle, you can prepare them with habits that will last a lifetime. In fact, I have used these methods with great success.

1. Help your children make recycling day a family activity. By encouraging your children to participate in recycling day, you can help create a positive mood around the concept of recycling. Let your children play a role in selecting the recyclable items, and discuss why each item is recyclable when they select it.

2. As a component of recycling, show your children how much space is saved in the trash can by recycling other materials. If a public landfill is nearby, you can take a trip to it, or see if they hold tours, to show the children how much room trash needs and why recycling is so vital.

3. If your children are school aged, discuss the possibility of a school recycling drive with their teacher or the school’s administration. By encouraging other children and parents to join in the fun, you can make recycling a popular social activity.

Additionally, educating your children about the nature of pollution and why recycling is so important can be turned into a fun activity for the entire family. Among the activities I have used with children of all ages are the following:

1. Many county museums have programs and displays discussing the importance of recycling garbage and other waste. Not only can this help your children understand the importance of recycling, but will be a fun outing for the entire family.

2. Many water districts have programs to explain the importance of clean water, and how recycling can help in that goal. Contact your local district in order to see if they offer tours, either for individuals or for school groups.

3. On an individual level, have your children keep a log of how much paper they use over the course of a week, and put it in a specific bin. At the end of the week, you can weigh it, to show them just how much paper they can save through recycling.

Recycling is an important activity and it is never too early to get your children involved. By using some of these activities, you not only can you help your children learn to recycle, but make recycling a fun activity for the entire family.