Sakura Artisan Baby Sling

sakura artisan baby sling

Recently I found out about Sakura, who makes natural baby slings made of dupioni silk. Dupioni silk is a little bit rougher, with little nubs throughout the fabric. It resists creasing and wrinkling and is very strong. It produces vibrant hues and is completely reversible. This baby sling, is Sakura’s signature sling. Each Sakura Artisan Baby sling is uniquely designed so that no two are exactly alike.

All Sakura Bloom slings are machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle, fully reversible for double the style options, designed to fit all body shapes and sizes, and easy to use. Each comes with a detailed booklet with instructions, tips, and many photos. This product is eco-friendly and sustainable, meaning silk is a natural fibre that will break down and decompose naturally over time.