polliwalks furry kitty playtime shoes

Polliwalks™ is a company that is committed to innovation, design, and fun! These kids shoes are just plain fun. When your child steps in mud, sand, dirt or water, she will leave footprints behind! These fun and colorful Polliwalks Furry Kitty Playtime Shoes have a “Footprinter™ Bottom” which features the footprint of the animal that the shoe represents! Made of a molded soft foam construction and technology for superior fit, these Polliwalks Furry Kitty Playtime Shoes are waterproof too! Here’s the best part about these shoes: No waste manufacturing – all excess material recycled!, Environmentally friendly packaging – made from recycled paper and plastic!, Environmentally friendly water based adhesives used in manufacturing! AND they are Vegan approved! No animal products are used in manufacturing process.