Playtime – The Green Way

Cute Baby

Your child’s formative years are a wonder of growth and development. Throughout their infancy and toddlerhood, kids are constantly exploring, learning, and absorbing. This is your first opportunity to teach them values that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. For eco conscious parents, this is also the time to begin instilling in their children the importance of being green.

“As I was preparing the nursery in our Baltimore apartment, it just hit me- I can make changes in my baby’s life right now; before he develops bad habits. It’s up to me to make sure he grows into a responsible adult, so why not start the very day I bring him home?”
– Alexandra, Baltimore MD

Alexandra certainly isn’t alone. Across the country, parents are joining the green movement in record numbers. From bum balms made out of organic materials to crib linens created from hemp and other natural resources, ecologically minded baby care has become more accessible (and affordable) than ever before.

But there is one area of your baby’s life that you might be overlooking as you take steps to green-ify your home: the toys that they play with. Here are some ideas for making eco friendly choices for your little one’s play time-

Look for the Recycle Symbol
– Many toys today are made using recycled materials, (such as reused cloth for doll’s dresses or tea sets made from melted milk cartons) while others are using recycled plastic for their packaging.

Buy Local – Looking for toys made in the U.S means that they had to travel less, eliminating the CO2 emissions created when truckloads of goods are hauled over long distances. Buying local can help you reduce your entire household’s carbon footprint. (And as an added bonus, you can help reduce the risk of your little one being exposed to lead paint or small parts, as other countries don’t always share the US’s strict guidelines when it comes to toy inspections)

Materials Matter
– Not only do plastic toys have a negative impact on the environment through the way they are made, but some say that they can actually be harmful to your baby. Chemicals used in the making of these products often have exceedingly long half lives… meaning that they can linger for quite some time. Instead, you can look into wooden toys, or those made from organic cotton.

Additionally, many of today’s toy manufacturers are starting to catch on to the green movement; creating eco friendly versions of their most popular toys, and reducing packaging and waste. Taking the time to select environmentally conscious toys for your baby today sets the stage for the way they’ll think about preserving their planet for the rest of their lives.