3 Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags for Kids


Colorful Lunch Bags by Crocodile Creek

Crocodile creek makes a variety of different eco-friendly lunch bags that are perfect for kids and adults of all ages. Specifically for kids – or the truly whimsical – Crocodile Creek makes a line of animal-themed lunch bags, complete with multi-colored dinosaurs, as well as a whole farm animal series. Crocodile Creek also makes eco-friendly lunch bags in bold, solid colors if you aren’t looking for something with a print design. All Crocodile Creek lunch bags are lead, PVC, and phthalate-free. Crocodile Creek lunch bags can be purchased through a variety of different retailers or online.

Four Peas Lunch Bags

Four Peas makes an entire line of lunch bags aimed specifically at kids, as well as a series of matching backpacks and school supplies. The most popular line of Four Peas lunch bags is printed with different fairy tales depicted around the lunch bag through colorful designs. All Four Peas lunch bags are free of lead, PVC plastic and potentially harmful phthalates. You can order Four Peas lunch bags through multiple online retailers or directly from the Four Peas website.

Clear Conscience Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags

Clear Conscience is one of the leading makers of eco-friendly bags. Along with their line of re-usable recycled plastic bottles, tote bags, shoe bags, and laundry bags, Clear Conscience makes eco-friendly lunch bags in bright colors that are perfect for school lunches you prepare and send with your child. Every bag Clear Conscience makes is completely free of lead, PVC material and byproducts and potentially harmful phthalates. All Clear Conscience products are also made in the USA, which cuts down on energy emissions from importing products from overseas. Clear Conscience eco-friendly lunch bags can be purchased directly from the Clear Conscience website and through an ever-expanding list of online retailers.