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Christmas time just brings out the festive in us. What’s the best way to celebrate this season of giving? Give out eco-friendly kids Christmas gifts. This way, you don’t just give presents and put smiles on children’s faces; you can basically feel Mother Earth heave a sigh of relief.

The advent of the environmentalist movement has sparked many a group and individual to find different ways to help save our planet. From saving whales to fighting pollution-causing industries, environmentalists have moved from the fringe to the mainstream and the movement is reaching our kids. It is never too early to teach our kids the value of saving the planet with the help of eco-friendly toys.

Whether you’re a hardcore environmentalist or not, it would not hurt to give out eco-friendly kids Christmas gifts. Here is a list of popular green kids Christmas gifts in the market today:

1. Recycled Christmas cards. In this era of fast-paced internet connections, social networks, and virtual hugs and hohohos, Christmas cards are putting up a fight. You can send out hand-written greetings to loved ones anywhere using recycled cards and papers.

2. Wooden blocks. Go old school with wooden building blocks. You can buy blocks made of sturdy wood that come from a sustainable source. Some toy companies who use wood for their products return the favor by conducting tree-planting and other ecological activities. Also, wooden blocks are free of harmful BPA and lead which makes them perfect eco-friendly kids Christmas gifts.

3. Wind-up toys. These eco-friendly contraptions have been with us even before the visionary Leonardo da Vinci presented King Louis XII with a wind-up lion. Even then, wind-up toys were only given to royal bloods. Make your little one feel like a prince and surprise him with green kids Christmas gifts like wind-up toys and other modernized clockwork gadgets.

4. Solar-powered gadgets. Harvesting the sun’s energy is not confined to homes and cars anymore. Solar panels have made its way through to the toy section. Available in the market today are solar-powered toy cars and robots.

5. Pull toys. There is a variety of wooden dancing pull toys in the eco-friendly section of most toy stores. Like wooden blocks, they are safe and fun to play with.

Why do you think St. Nick rides a sleigh pulled by flying reindeers instead of a turbo-powered gas guzzler? That is because Santa loves the environment and so should all of us. Be green this holiday season and give away eco-friendly kids Christmas gifts. Do so and you’ll surely be on Santa’s list!