Thanksgiving Craft Ideas For Kids


Kids love Thanksgiving, and they love being part of the preparations for the big dinner. There are lots of fun and creative things for the kids to do, that will make them feel like they had a big helping hand with this special holiday.

Get them to make personalized place cards for your family and guests. They can use construction paper, foil and markers to make every person their own name card, or even write people’s names on tiny pumpkins.

How about a kid-designed tablecloth? Get yourself a low cost white tablecloth, some markers, and get your little ones to draw holiday inspired images on the tablecloth. Your guests will love the cute drawings, and your kids will be proud of their work that everyone at the table can enjoy.

Cut Thanksgiving shapes (pumpkins, turkey) out of craft paper, and have the kids write the things they are thankful for on the pieces, which you can then hang around the house to remind everyone what Thanksgiving is about.