LittleMissMatched Dresser

littlemissmatched dresser

If you want to spark creativity and inspire the imaginations of your children, then the LittleMissMatched Dresser might have been made just for you. The creative genius’ at LittleMissMatched™ have teamed up with innovative furniture maker Powell to take children’s furniture to a whole new level. Their intention is to provide years of fun with this dresser turned art project. Perfect for the budding artist or for any child who loves to draw, the LittleMissMatched™ Dresser will entertain and inspire endless imaginations. The 6-Drawer Dresser is finished on all surfaces with glossy white dry-erase material so it can be illustrated and cleaned again and again! For even more customization each drawer has spaces to place any of the 12 included colored panels. Your child can mix and match and create a new looking dresser everyday. The LittleMissMatched™ Dresser takes creative expression to a place it’s never gone before!

Please Note: Use only dry-erase board pens and accessories. Never use permanent markers or other writing tools, as these will damage the surfaces.