Toy Review – Pinypon Mini Dolls

pinypon dolls

The Pinypon Mini Dolls are small, cute and offer children endless opportunities for creative play. The creative aspect of the Pinypon Mini Dolls is no surprise since they were released by Famosa, a company known for both innovation and quality products for over 50 years. Dolls from Famosa are known for being appealing and unique. These dolls are no exception.

Children want more than a one-piece toy that offers limited imaginative play. The more ways a toy can be used, the more stories and scenarios the children can create using the different aspects of the toys. The Pinypon Mini Dolls may be small in size, but they aren’t just one piece, static representations.

The heads are double sided and both heads and legs are connected by pegs that can be removed. Not only can the Pinypon Mini Dolls be used in imaginative play, children can also create whole new dolls by switching heads and legs from doll to doll or simply by turning the doll around. Hair can also be removed and switched from doll to doll. After the children have created their doll characters with hair, faces and legs, they can add accessories to finish off their doll creation with clothes, handbags, hair clips and bows and more.

There is a reason the Pinypon Mini Dolls attract children. The colors are bright, contemporary in design and are just the right size for children four and up to hold. These dolls give children hours of fun as they create new dolls simply by switching up all the different pieces parts available. There is no end to what children can do with the dolls, which were obviously designed with creative children in mind.

Even better for play is that there is also a Pinyon Caravan for the Pinyon Mini Doll collection. The Pinypon Mini Dolls fit into the caravan that opens up to reveal a doll, over 30 accessories and a pet. The Pinyon Caravan includes storage in the floor, closet and in kitchen drawers. It also includes a mirror so the dolls can see how they look and an actual working shower. There is even a boat and two surf boards.