Stencil Kid’s Walls Beautifully and Safe!

Wall Stencil For Kids 31

Are you ready to paint and stencil the walls of your kid’s playroom with green kids playroom wall stencils? It has been tested that conventional paints contain chemicals and gases that can leave toxins in your home for over 3 years. That is 3 years of breathing in chemicals that are harmful to your body and your children’s growing bodies.

Wall Stencil For Kids 48

If you are ready to paint the nursery, your child’s room, the playroom or any room in the house, you may want to consider using a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)-free paint. A VOC-free or non-VOC paint is untinted and has less than 5 gLs of VOCs. Using this green environmentally friendly paint to stencil your favorite characters or sports onto the walls of your child’s room will brighten up the room and keep nasty toxins from infecting your children and others in your home.

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Green kids playroom wall stencils will be used with these VOC free paints so go to your home improvement store and by a recycled nylon bristle paint brush, a recycled knit roller cover and biodegradeable paint trays so you can stencil, paint and decorate your home beautifully and safely.