Race Car Themed Bedroom Ideas

kids bedroom racecar

Every kid has big dreams. Maybe yours wants to be an astronaut or maybe a firefighter. When I was a kid I always wanted to be a race car driver. If that sounds like your child, then read on for some ideas to build them the race car bedroom of their dreams.


What kind of a race would it be without the checkered flag announcing the winner? Get yourself some nice black and white checked fabric and make a simple window treatment or curtains. Do it yourself patterns can be found all over the Internet.


If you’ve ever spent some time pushing around toy cars with your child you would know that a play mat with streets depicted on it is just what your child needs. Incidentally, this may be their favorite part of the project.


Find some great shots of drivers posing with their cars, whether it’s Kasey Kahne or Dale Earnhardt Jr. Everyone has their favorites, and their not-so-favorites, just make sure you choose well for your child’s taste.


There are several companies online now that offer large, often life-sized decals of celebrities from Brad Pitt, to Boba Fett. If your child is a race car fan, imagine how excited he would be to have a huge decal of Lightning McQueen from Disney’s Cars hanging over s bed. Speaking of a bed…


Having been a little boy once myself, I can tell you that you cannot build your child a race car themed bedroom and not include the race car bed. The good news is there are plenty of manufacturers out there with many different styles, shapes, and colors to choose from. Take your time with this one, it will likely be the largest expense involved with this project.