How to Create A Princess Themed Bedroom


Princess themed bedrooms are very popular today, especially with millions of children being able to watch their favorite Disney princesses on DVD or Netflix whenever they want! My little girl loves Belle, whereas my son is more interested in Ariel and Mulan! Many children want to be able to live out their fantasies of becoming a princess and there is no better way to help them do this then to create a fantasy world in their bedroom. This can be a very fun process, and is not difficult to do if you have the right resources. It can also be a great opportunity for you to do a home improvement project that directly involves your kids!

The first step to creating a princess themed bedroom is changing the color of the walls. Simply painting the walls a light pink or lavender, or soft yellow color can change the whole atmosphere of the room. Fantasy-like paintings are also recommended to add the magical touch to the room. White furniture pieces also help add to the royal look as long as you select furniture that features a lot of curves and carvings. Four post beds are often used when creating a princess themed bedroom. A drapery over a headboard adds the finishing touch to this regal room.

A dress up station can encourage your little princess to dress up. An area for that purpose can be as simple as a small table and mirror, or a vanity set complete with a set of princess outfits. The dress up area can also contain an area for jewelry and crowns and tiaras for for any little girl or boy who loves dress-up.

Other small accents can be used to add a royal touch to the rooms. Curtains that are made of silk or velvet are great, affordable accents for the princess room. Glue-on beads, sparkles, crystals, and jewels are also great accents to add. Bejeweling is a very great method of adding glitz to almost any item in the room. A chandelier, or lighting similar, is also another popular accent. This will add a very sophisticated and subtle touch to the princess room, and will make the room so much closer to perfect for your little one.