Give Your Child a Dinosaur Themed Bedroom

dinosaur theme bedrooms

What young child doesn’t love dinosaurs? Every young boy has pretended to be a dinosaur or spent countless hours playing with them at one time or another. So why not decorate your child’s room in a dinosaur theme? It’s much easier than you might think and a lot of it could be made at home.

You should start with a dinosaur friendly color of paint. Green and yellow tend to work best but you can get creative with some light shades of tans or blues. It could work just as good in a young girls room as well with some shades of pink or purple.

The next part is definitely the most fun. You can get crafty with some large sheets of construction paper and have your child help you choose the shapes and colors. Cut out all sorts of dinosaur shapes, glue on different colored spots and hang them all around the room. Have fun with the colors and remember that it’s better if they contrast from the walls. You would rather not use constructing paper, then felt and fabric work great. The best part about using fabric is the Different colors and shapes in the pattern really add a lot of fun to the room.

If your really ambitious and handy with a sewing machine you can even create your child’s own custom bed set. However, if you’re like most of us parents, picking out a great dinosaur print bed set with your child at a local department store is probably your best option.

Use many different shapes and colors, have fun with it and most importantly don’t forget to include your child in the design process! They can learn a lot from helping you and it will make them feel more ownership and responsibility in their room.