Designing a Pirate Themed Kids Bedroom

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This is a favorite theme of young boys (and even a lot of you girls!), especially if they are fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Decorating a pirate room is an adventure that families are able take on together.

There are many options on what to include in a pirates room. Wall murals, pirate bedding, treasure chest and banners are all great ways to decorate the room. The following are a few tips on items to add to a pirate room.

• A Pirate Ship Bed can be used as a focal point for the other decorations. The beds are built in a variety of shapes and colors. A bed created in a shade of brown is similar to a real pirate ship and will add to the room’s authentic feel. A few of the pirate ship bed models include a ship’s stern, wheels and cannons as well as a ship’s deck. Additional wooden furniture like blanket chests or wardrobes can be placed through the room for storage and comfort, and a brown rug can also be added to the floor to resemble a ship’s deck or sand.

• Paint the walls in blue to resemble the sky or sea. Including a mural of an island filled the walls can also include a mural of an island filled with treasure is a great way to increase the focus of the room.

• In addition to the walls, authentic lanterns can be placed though out the room to add to the feel of being at sea. A spyglass and an aged map on the wall can also reflect the theme of searching for treasure.

• If a mural cannot be painted, a real treasure chest (that’s where that blanket chest can come in handy) can be used instead. Creative ways to use the treasure chest is to fill the chest with plastic gold coins or use the treasure chest as a place your child can place their favorite toys and items.

• To tie everything together, a plaque can be used on the door with a sign that says “Pirates Only.” Your child will love their pirate room!