Barn Style Play Room

Rustic Modern Childs Play Room

Playrooms are a place for children to let their creativity grow and for them to play. But, you also would like the playroom to have a bit of a theme or look going on, not just a room thrown together. You may have seen the cutesy looks, and the boring looks, but what about jazzing it up with some simple pieces that might be right in your own house.

One of the in looks right now is rustic-modern. Some of the stuff you need might be in your house, saving you money. Below is a list with some rustic-modern children’s play room design tips.


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Ideas for rustic-modern playroom:

• Look for classic wood pieces around your house that you can repurpose into new items. If you have an old crib in the garage, you can do a few minor alterations to I and turn it into a rustic looking play table.
• Bring some of the elements from outside inside. You can use twigs and branches from tree to create wall art for the room.
• You can often get old spools from wire and use those to hold books. You can paint them in a range of colors. They also make great tables for little ones.
Let your imagination take over and run with the ideas that you get. Just remember to make sure the wood has no rough spots .