We Love Organic Wooden Baby Toys!

Wooden Ring Stacks Baby Toy

Wooden baby toys are a great gift for new parents or , the perfect thing for your own child!  Wooden products tend to be more durable than their plastic counterparts and can be handed down to younger children later. They are also less likely to break and cause a choking hazard.

Wooden Bug Baby Toy


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The Best Wooden Baby Toys

Alligator Wooden Baby Toy

Since the beginning of time, babies have received gifts of special little toys created for them to assist in development. Wooden baby toys have been around for years and years, and many people find a nostalgia in purchasing these specially handcrafted toys for the little bundle of joy in their lives.

Wooden Blocks For Baby

Although the wooden baby toys tend to look very simple and possibly not very interesting, they are timeless and valuable keepsakes. They are wonderful to hand down from generation to generation. They also come in a wide variety. There are rattles which contain little silver bells or other such noise makers to help stimulate the baby’s sense of hearing. There are also pull toys, such as a line of little ducklings which stimulate the baby’s muscles and strength.

Each wooden toy is handcrafted with love and care, and are intricately designed. They come in wide variety of colors and styles, with stained wood being the post popular from the antique look it creates. Some wood workers will also custom make specialty wooden toys upon request. Wooden baby toys are toys that will never go out of style and will always be available because of the wonderful memories they create.

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Chuggington is a Disney Channel television show that is aimed towards preschool aged children and younger. The Chuggington Wooden Railway Sets are fun for ages three to eight years. Children love playing with wooden railway sets that can be taken apart, put back together, and changed around.

With the Chuggington set, your kids will have tons of fun playing with familiar characters from their favorite television show. There are several different Chuggington railway sets that can be purchased, each featuring different track shapes, such as a figure eight and circle. The railways can be easily snapped together to make new and exciting tracks of all shapes and sizes. With the Chuggington Wooden Railway Play Table, kids can set up the tracks on a surface that’s just right for their height. The play table is constructed of heavy wood and features colorful designs from the tv show. This is the perfect surface for rolling around trains. Koko, Brewster, Wilson, and other trains can be played with on the wooden railway tracks. The play table also has a pull-out drawer, which makes cleanup even easier than before. The table can be set-up easily and provides your child with a fun activity that they will enjoy for hours a day.

Even if your child is not familiar with Chuggington, they will still find fun and amusement out of the wooden railway sets. Perfect for small hands, the trains are much larger than others of the same type. The tracks also feature tunnels that your trains can be pushed through. For those that have other trains or play Disney cars, they should easily fit on the tracks as well. Each train has a front and back magnet, for the ability to connect to the other trains to create one large train.

Overall, Chuggington Wooden Railway sets are the perfect gift for your preschool aged child and will provide them with hours of fun every day. This toy can be enjoyed for years after the initial purchase.

What the Heck are MultiBlocks??!!


MultiBlocks are one of the best new eco-friendly products for toddlers out there! Designed by Brad Singley, and made in Michigan, these awesome kids blocks come in easy-to-stack sets of wooden square and rectangular cubes in four different lengths. Each set has 42 blocks – six of the 8-blocks, twelve of the 4-blocks, eight of the 2-blocks, and sixteen of the 1-blocks.

And the material? Basswood is renewable wood that is sustainably grown and harvested in Michigan. The blocks come in a recycled cotton storage bag made from 80% Ecotec and 20% recycled soda bottles.

If your little ones love to build (perhaps you have a budding engineer or architect on your hands) then these blocks will foster that kind of creativity.

Non-Toxic Rubberwood Toy Trucks

rubberwood truck toys

Little boys and girls love playing with toy vehicles, and you love knowing that your children are playing with the most safe, non-toxic toys available. Many parents today are shying away from buying toys made from plastic, because of recent studies that have shown the high toxicity levels in many plastic-based items. That’s why we have a huge selection of wooden toys reviewed, so you can make some good, healthy choices.

The wood used to make these awesome play trucks and construction vehicles for kids is plantation rubberwood. The wood is kiln-dried in a chemical-free environment and then painted with non-toxic water-based paint. Natural latex glue is used for all the joinery. Also, when your little one’s new healthy wooden toys arrive, they come in recyclable packaging.

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks

tegu blocks

We love these Tugu magnetic wooden blocks! They are the perfect eco-friendly gift for kids this holiday season. These aren’t just wooden stacking blocks. Tegu blocks have within them safely hidden magnets. These tiny magnets allow kids to create super cool structures that look amazing!

The wood used at Tegu is sourced from small-scale FSC-certified woodcutting cooperatives supported by international NGOs focused on sustainable forestry. Wood suppliers have the requisite legal permits from the Honduran governmental forestry agency (ICF) and oversight from international NGOs. Tegu is also currently developing relationships with cooperatives in the Biosfera Rio Platano, Honduras’ largest deciduous forest, who partner with GTZ and Rainforest Alliance.

Blocks come in a natural finish that are water-based and non-toxic.

Bamboo Wood Kids Games


We love these kids wooden game toys, which are completely crafted of sustainable bamboo. Inspired by all our favorite games, these well-made sets put an eco-friendly spin on classic childhood games. Best of all they are made of sustainable bamboo. The Mancala game includes a drawstring pouch to store the polished rocks. The Tic Tac Toe game pieces are attached to the game board and spin to change.

Cape Cod Playhouse Kit

cape cod playhouse kit

Wow this is amazing. This Cape Cod styled playhouse kit comes equipped with beautiful Cape Cod dormers (windows), a high soaring ceiling and an absolutely ideal environment for your child to personalize their space. An excellent setting for young children to harvest their unending creativity and capture their imagination. Attractive flower boxes make outdoor play educational with the upkeep of various plants and flowers. As if that isn’t enough, this superb Cap Cod Playhouse Kit comes with hardwood flooring! Add on to the Cape Cod playhouse with an optional deck and painted rail, loft and chimney… I think I’m going to move out of my 600 square foot Los Angeles apartments downtown and into this …

Kids Boat Rocker

kids boat rocker

Whether sailing the high seas or buzzing through the wild blue yonder, this Kids Boat Rocker will captivate your little captain. Ride the rails or cruise down the road with the top down. Retro Rockers allow kids to seek new adventures and create new memories all their own. The Kids Boat Rocker will provide your little sailor with hours of fun in his or her very own boat!

wonderworld chicky memo memory game

An absolutely ideal Easter gift for the kids. Introducing a new kind of memory game that your child will absolutely love. Helps sharpen your child’s memory skills and improve their ability to play with others. The object of the Wonderworld Chicky Memo Memory Game is for two or more farmers to collect as many eggs as possible. In order to get the egg, the player must remember the location and the color of each egg, which are all hidden under the look-alike hens. Wonderworld, an advocate of protecting the environment, insists on using only rubber-wood that is from a replenishable source.