As a parent being concerned for my child’s health is a top priority. I am carrying on the same tradition of sending my children to school with a lunch from home just as my mother did. Unlike the plastic baggies, paper sacks and other containers for carrying lunches I have taken time to learn about eco-friendly lunch containers for our kids and have found that there are a number of great ones on the market today.

There are guidelines to consider when purchasing an eco-friendly container for lunches. First, is the container free of BPA radicals? If the container composition breaks down after continuous use then it is not healthy or eco-friendly for carrying food for lunches.

Second, is the container sturdy? Chipping, cracking or coming apart would make the container a costly investment if the lifespan is short-lived.

Third, can the lunch container be washed in my dishwasher safely? In considering these three factors I have found the following eco-friendly lunch containers to be just what moms like myself have been looking to find.

The Thinkbaby is not just for very small children but the older ones like it also. It is one compartment that holds quite a lot. The inside is large enough for snacks and finger foods and can easily be stored in the backpack until lunchtime. Being sturdy and dishwasher safe make this a good purchase.

LunchBots come in styles with one, two, three or four compartments. Having several foods at lunchtime make this container a good value. Everything can be packed in one container and there is no plastic bag to throw away. Just wash and use again the next day. Check them out here.

If packing a light lunch for the small eater choosing Lunchskins may be just the right containers. These are reuseable bags that hold sandwiches and snacks. They can be either handwashed or washed in the dishwasher. A variety patterns are available. Also try Kids Konserve and Laptop Lunches containers.

The Safest Water Guns for Kids

Water Warriors Colussus Water Blaster

Water guns are always wonderful to use and can be a great way for your children to enjoy playing with each other. The main problem with water guns is how they can be dangerous at times if they malfunction incorrectly. This is why so many people make sure to always look for the most safest guns available. There are actually many of them available, but only a few are actually worth buying for your children.

The Safest Water Guns for Kids

– Water Warriors Colussus Water Blaster

This gun has a pump handle and is designed perfectly for children 8 years of age and above. It is sized at 25.0 ” and has been considered as a very safe water gun. Children are even able to customize the dial to fit the way they want the water to squirt out. It can water up to 40 feet away, so it is very strong to use. It is important that children are always shooting from a good distance away from each other.

– Nerf Super Soaker Point Break

If your children enjoy shooting with water guns, you should consider buying this wonderful item. The Nerf brand always delivers wonderful products, and this Super Soaker can be perfect for them to use. This wonderful soaker is priced pretty low, and it is still able to offer a safe experience for your children.

– Max Liquidator Eliminator

The Max Liquidator Eliminator is formed in a floating device rather than a gun. If you have children who are very young, this is one of the safest water guns that they could use. It can even blast water of upto 30 feet if the water is pushed out faster than normal. Don’t be fooled by its size. It can easily shoot huge amounts of water, and the best part is that it was designed for the youngest of children to keep them safe during every time they use this gun.

The water guns above are all very well made. Protecting your children should be your goal during every water related activity. With the guns above, you can be sure that they will always be safe.

trampoline safety

Trampolines can be dangerous. In 2006, the Consumer Product Safety Review reported that trampolines caused almost 110,000 injuries, with the majority of those injuries being suffered by children five to fourteen years old, with almost five thousand resulted in hospitalization. There have been six trampoline-related deaths as of 1990. Fortunately there are ways to keep injuries from happening. Here’s a recent report from the AAOS on the subject.

Making sure that there is only one person the trampoline at a time is paramount. Collisions between people is the greatest source of accidents, especially as each person’s trajectory is not easily predictable. Allowing for roughhousing and the encouragement of posting videos of collisions online, discouraging children from multiple people jumping around at the same time will not be easy, but it is necessary to avoid accidents.

Putting an enclosure around the trampoline is also advised. Another source of injuries is missing the trampoline. Although accidents do happen, it is best to have some sort of safeguard against the possibility of a child accidentally jumping off of the trampoline and unto a hard surface; an enclosure around the trampoline will help avoid this from happening. Of course this also means that children, especially older one, must be discouraged from purposely jumping on it and sliding down it, which can be a further source of injury.

Also make sure that there is nothing in the vicinity that may be used to jump onto the trampoline. An obvious example is a ladder or a shed. Although it may be tempting to put a ladder up so that younger children can get on the trampoline themselves, not allowing them easy access may actually be a good thing.

It always pays to make sure that your insurance is paid up, and that your insurance will pay for trampoline accidents. It also helps to make sure that you are allowed to have one in the first place; some homeowner associations do not allow them, and that renters may not be able to have one, despite any precautions that may have been taken. In this regard it pays to make sure that you can set it up before you even really consider buying one. However, as long as you have made certain as well as you can that your children are protected from injury, the trampoline can be a great toy.

baby nursery ideal temperature

It is a known fact that every parent wants everything to go smoothly once their baby arrives to their nursery. Newborn babies should not have a high nor low temperature, as they are very delicate. A baby still isn’t capable of regulating their own temperature. This is why the room itself will need to be regulated to the proper temperature of your baby.

How Cool Should You Keep the Nursery

According to many studies, the proper, or ideal temperature of your baby’s nursery should be around 68-72 degrees. It is highly important for the temperature to consistently stay within this range, as an infants temperature-regulating system hasn’t fully regulated yet. Babies that weigh less than 6 pounds generally don’t have enough fat in their body’s to adapt to the different room-temperature shifts. However, babies that are born over 8 1/2 pounds will likely have enough fat in their body to adjust light temperature changes. If your baby temperature is increasing, place a fan in front of them to cool their temperature down. However, before you place the fan in front of your baby, make sure to thoroughly clean the fan. You do not want your baby to inhale dust or germs which the fan may possibly attain.

How to Keep Your Baby Cool In Their Nursery

Proper Clothes

The best type of material that your baby should wear is cotton, as it allows the baby’s body to have normal air circulation. If your baby has cold feet and hands, use another layer of clothing to avoid their temperature from lowering down. Don’t place a loose blanket over the baby, as infants cannot free themselves if a loose blanket creeps up to their face. Avoid clothing your baby in synthetic clothes, as it can be quite warm on the skin. During hot weather, it will be difficult to control the temperature of the room. Lessen the amount of bedding in your baby’s crib to avoid their body temperature from rising.

Keeping your baby’s temperature normal is very important, as having their nursery too cold or too hot can be quite dangerous for them. Install an air conditioner and heater into the nursery to control the temperature of the room whenever the weather changes. You do not want your baby to experience any problems when they are in their nursery.

baby sun safety

Because of their delicate skin and small bodies, babies can suffer sun-related effects such as sunburn and heatstroke in much shorter periods of time than adults. It is important, then, to think proactively about your baby’s sun protection and always be prepared for sun exposure when you’re going to be outside with your baby. Even a short walk down the block could result in a sunburn if you don’t take proper precautions. There are a number of ways you can protect your child from harmful UV rays.

1. Use The Shade: Though it seems obvious to keep your baby in the shade of trees or other sun-blockers whenever you are out in the sun, you can also take a shade producer with you to keep your baby safe during times where shade is hard to come by. Purchasing a stroller with a sun-blocker is necessary, especially if you live in a hot, sunny climate. If you already have a stroller, you can purchase a sun-blocker that attaches to a stroller at most baby supply stores. Bring along a sun-blocking umbrella that sticks into the ground for play-dates at the park or beach. Keeping the sun off of the baby’s skin is the best way to prevent sunburn.

2. Dress Your Baby In Protective Clothing: Though it’s important that your baby is in comfortable, breathable fabric, make sure to find styles with long sleeves and pants that can shield him from the sun. A hat, especially one that is wide enough to block the sun from the entire face, is essential. Hats not only protect the delicate facial skin of a baby, but also the eyes, which can become damaged when exposed to bright sunlight for long periods of time.

3. Always Use Sunscreen: It is important to always use a baby-safe sunscreen on your baby whenever you are taking him outside and to re-apply sunscreen every 4-5 hours. Look at drug stores and grocery stores for sunscreens that are SPF 45 or higher and that are for babies or for people with sensitive skin as babies have delicate skin that could become irritated with regular sunscreens.

More Kids Sun Safety Tips

Kids – Sun Safety

Keeping kids safe in the sun is essential to avoiding sun burns and long term health problems. Getting them to remember to put on sunscreen and keep a hat on their heads can next to impossible, however. Try these tips for keeping your kids safe from the sun this summer.

• Make them cover up. Cloth is a better sun shield than any lotion, but wearing the wrong kind of clothes can make kids too hot. Pick lightweight, cotton pants and shirts paired with tennis shoes for hiking and playing outside. If kids want to go in the water, make them wear a t-shirt to protect their shoulders and torso.

• Use a sunscreen with a high SPF. Despite popular thinking, a lower SPF will not help anyone to tan more, but it can get them burned faster. Also make sure the sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVB rays. While most sunscreens on the market today meet this criteria, it’s a good idea to check some bargain brands and brands that are manufactured and sold outside of the United States.

• Throw away sunscreen after eighteen months. Some companies advise that their products are only good for a year. Applying sunscreen that has expired won’t hurt anyone, but it won’t help either.

• If possible, wear a hat. Hats protect the skin on top of the head as well as providing partial protection for the face. Since this is the area most prone to melanoma, it is critical to protect this part of a child. Getting kids to do this can be hard, but there are ways to convince them to do. Let them pick from a couple of different hats. Even if it doesn’t offer the best protection from the sun, having them actually wear it will be better than having them take it off the moment their parent is out of sight.

• Consider stick and spray sunscreens. While these are more expensive, they are a lot easier to apply to small children. Of course, do not use a spray on a baby, since it is next to impossible to avoid their eyes when spraying.

• Still protect children on cloudy days. While clouds provide a small amount of protection from the sun, they will not guarantee a child will not get burned.


As kids grow space is something they value in their bedrooms. Kids also like having friends stay for overnight visits sometimes. With space a consideration and the extra bed needed for those overnight guests trundle beds are a great option. These beds come in many styles, colors and are made of sturdy wood or metal. They also have the benefit of both beds, when the trundle bed is pulled out, of being on the floor so there is no fear of a child falling from a top bunk bed. While bunk beds take up the space of just one bed there is the fear of a child falling off during sleep. With trundle beds children sleep on a bed close to the floor so the risk of them falling and being injured is gone. Trundle beds also take up the space of just one bed until the second bed is pulled out to use.

For children having a trundle bed provides a bed made of wood or metal which has a sturdy frame. There is no risk of the bed falling off the frame. Sleeping children will not roll over and fall from a height like they might if sleeping in a top bunk. There are no ladders to climb with the temptation to play on and risk injury.

Trundle beds also can grow with a child because there are many designs including bookcase and storage. These beds allow extra storage space while not taking up more room. For smaller children the storage can be used for toys or clothing. As children grow and may not have as many toys more room can be used for clothing. They are a great way to maximize space in any child’s bedroom. There are different sizes of beds including twin, full and even queen size. This makes them the right size for any child right through teenage years. There are daybed trundles which provide sitting areas during the day and a bed for sleeping at night as well as the extra bed underneath for any overnight guest.

Having a trundle bed for a child saves space in the bedroom and depending on the bed style extra storage as well as a bookcase. It also lets them have room for an extra person when they want to have a sleepover. The second bed stays hidden out of the way until it is needed. The beds are safe for children and remove the fear of them falling from a top bunk.

car seat safety

Statistics of Improper Car Seat Usage

The reports of deaths of children who are not restrained by proper car seats and seat belts are astonishing. A child can be ejected through a car window with a force up to 60 times their weight. This can happen to a child at car speeds of a mere 30 miles an hour. For an infant, the experience is like falling from the fourth floor of a four floor building. Improperly restrained children may also be detrimental to the driver or other passengers within the vehicle. Unrestrained children could distract the driver, resulting in an accident. The accident may result in the injury or death of the driver and other passengers.

Car Seat Selection

A properly fitting car seat is the most essential part of ensuring your child’s safety while they are passengers in an automobile. The process of selecting a car seat may be confusing. There are so many styles to choose from. However, the important thing to consider when selecting a car seat is that it is appropriate to the child’s size and weight. If the car seat does not fit the child’s body frame, chances are it will not provide maximum security for the child in the event of an accident. Ensure the selection of the car seat is compatible with the model and make of the transport vehicle.

Car Seat Safety Awareness Campaign

There is a new safety campaign in several states’ DMV departments that targets the approach to improve children’s car safety. Motor vehicle safety departments are educating parents with a “Child Safety Awareness” program. The safety campaign includes laws that have been implemented for car seat safety. Parents that do not comply with the car seat safety regulations will be ticketed and fined.

Most hospitals refuse to release new born babies to parents that have failed to comply with proper car seat safety. The seatbelt regulations have greatly reduced the number of fatalities and injuries to children involved in car accidents. As part of the campaign in one community, 300 car seats are to be given to parents who will have a baby within the next 12 months. This promotion is meant to draw attention to proper child safety seat use.

Campaign Safety Procedures

Child safety procedures are imperative for the the safety a child. Ensure installation procedures are followed by the manufacture’s instructions. Children should be properly secured in a vehicle on every excursion. It could be that “quick trip” to the market that results in devastation. A car seat that is rear-faced should never be placed in the front of vehicles with airbags. All children up to and including eleven year olds must utilize a child safety seat.

Parents set examples for their children’s future. Parents who buckle up on each excursion show their children they should also do the same.


Are trampolines safe for children?

Because all children need exercise, I wanted to give my grandchildren something they would love and could get needed exercise all at the same time. A trampoline seemed to fit the bill, but with all the dangers they bring, I wanted to find the safest one for my young grandkids. Broken bones, sprains, neck injuries and strained muscles all are common injuries from jumping on this favorite piece of backyard equipment.

After some research I realized that there are many ways of making a trampoline a safe toy for kids to enjoy. A safety enclosure is important and will protect the jumpers from flying off trampoline. It is mandatory that the enclosure be used correctly and the kids do not jump against it.

Pads around the trampoline that cover the springs are very important. They do wear with time and may need to be replaced. No one should ever jump without the pads because they protect the kids from hitting their heads or falling between the springs.

The safest trampoline is one that it is built into the ground. Just like an in ground swimming pool, it is constructed right into the ground and lies completely flat. It is a lot harder to fall because the trampoline is level with the surrounding area and creates the safest way to play on this great toy. For me it was not possible to have one built into the ground so the next best thing was to make sure the trampoline was built on a level area of the yard. It needs to be away from trees and other things that might interfere with the trampoline.

Of course I know that all kids like to try tricks that could be dangerous for them to do on the trampoline. It is a good reminder that adult supervision is necessary. Because I was convinced that this was a great option for my grandchildren I did purchase one. I think the children will enjoy years of safe play with it and feel I bought the safest possible trampoline for the special little people in my life.

nature next bio plastic bathtub for baby

The Nature Next Bio-Plastic Bathtub is made from 50% bio-plastic, a new generation of durable plastics developed from renewable plant resources. The tub features Slide Guard contours to help keep your little one steady while bathing. There are also convenient holders built right into the tub for soap and accessories. When bath time is over, the shower hook makes storing and drying the tub easy.