Baltic Rocking Horse

baltic rocking horse

I can’t think of a more classically old-fashioned toy that kids still love to play with after over a century of popularity. Imported from Europe, and constructed from birch ply with a cute painted face, this sturdy rocker has been in production for over 50 years. It will never go out of style, and is sure to be a classic for the next century.

polar bear rocking horse

Designed by DAvid Netto to be subtle yet stylish, this rocking horse will brings hours of carefree fun to you child. Made from solid natural oak and finished with White lacquer detailing, this rocking horse will last through multiple generations. Best of all, the Netto Collection is totally eco-friendly, using only sustainably harvested wood, and all their composite materials meet European “E1” toxicity standards, and their finishes are non-toxic and non-VOC emitting.

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Baby Dragon Rocker

baby dragon rocker

Unlike hard wooden rockers, this baby dragon rocker is designed to be a gentle ride-on, plushly padded, with a supporting backrest and safety belt. Squeeze a horn, and it plays your little one a song! Wonderfully stimulating for your baby’s developing senses, with five uniquely textured fabrics, and crinkly spikes that squeak and rattle. There’s even a secret pocket for all your baby’s little toys.

Large Rocking Horse with Sound

large rocking horse

Each of rocking horses with their dark brown coat with beige manes are hand-made for beauty and durability. This Large Stallion Rocking Horse comes with a saddle and a bridle. This large pony even makes galloping and whinney noises! With a solid hardwood frame construction and durable soft material, this Rocking Horse will endure tons of wear and tear and create lots of fun childhood memories.

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Rocking Scarlet Ladybug

ladybug rocker

The Rocking Scarlet Ladybug is hand-made and it shows in it’s beauty and durability. Your child will love with this adorable hardwood and plush corduroy ladybug rocker! With a solid wood frame construction and durable plush material, this Ladybug Toddler Rocker will stand the test of time and be the basis of many wonderful childhood memories as it is passed down from generation to generation. The rocking scarlet ladybug rocker will be your little one’s favorite!

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Fritz Frog Rocker

fritz frog rocker

This super cute rocker will be your toddlers favorite! Each of these frog rockers are handmade for a wonderful aesthetic and strength. Made from quality hardwood and soft corduroy, each piece will create lots of childhood memories as they are passed down from generation to generation. Your child will absolutely adore the adorable Plush Frog Rocker’s soft body and cute features! A great rocker for your child!

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Derby White Rocking Horse

Buy white rocking horse

This lovely wooden rocking horse will be something your child will treasure for years. Crafted from solid wood, this high quality rocking horse has a long pink wool mane and solid wooden construction with unique anti-tip rockers for additional safety. Your kids will play for hours on their very own Derby white rocking horse.

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Child’s Cherry Rocking Horse

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A delightful addition to your child’s room, this PlayTyme Child’s rocking horse lets your child rock safely without you having to worry about it tipping over. The solid wood construction along with high quality, durable and long-lasting finishes ensures that your kids will enjoy this rocking horse for many years.

Henry the Horse Rocker

Buy horse rocker

Henry the Horse will make your child feel like a real little cowboy or cowgirl, herding cattle in the Old West. They can even practice hoisting themselves up onto Henry the horse rocker by using the stirrups hanging from either side of the saddle. Henry the Horse rocker also make exciting movements and sounds, when squeezed, one ear makes the sound of galloping and neighing sounds while pulling the other ear produces a quicker clip of neighing sounds.

Buy harley davidson rocker

Your little biker is going to go wild for this motorcycle rocker! Based on the infamous Softail, this licensed Harley-Davidson Rocker comes complete with the authentic Harley-Davidson sound by way of an easily activated sound chip. A black leatherette seat, side mirrors, reflector lights, and iconic Harley-Davidson details complete the perfect looking Harley toy motorbike. Plus, as a safety precaution, the rocker is anchored securely on a solid wood, anti-tip rocking base.

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