hut-hut kids rocking toy

We’ve been scouring the web, looking for great eco-friendly gifts for kids, babies and toddlers for the holiday season. When we came across Hut-Hut – we knew we had to add it to our collection. Hut-Hut is unlike any rocking horse you’ve ever seen, in fact, aside from the fact that your child sits on it, and it rocks – its a complete stranger to the classic rocking horse we all grew up with. Selected as one of the top products at the 2010 Salone del Mobil, the Hut-Hut is made from 100% Recycled Sustainable resin and comes in 5 vibrant colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink.

The Hut-Hut is a toy with a safe low distance to the floor, so its a great way for kids to explore and learn balance.

To make this even more of an appealing product, the Hut-Hut is also available in 5 FSC Certified sustainable materials: Bamboo, Black Locust, Black Walnut, Cork and Maple. The Hut-Hut is available at Kalon Studios.

Kids Boat Rocker

kids boat rocker

Whether sailing the high seas or buzzing through the wild blue yonder, this Kids Boat Rocker will captivate your little captain. Ride the rails or cruise down the road with the top down. Retro Rockers allow kids to seek new adventures and create new memories all their own. The Kids Boat Rocker will provide your little sailor with hours of fun in his or her very own boat!

fisher price dreamy motions cradle swing

No parent should be with out a cradle swing for baby. A safe, engaging environment, the Fisher-Price Dreamy Motions Cradle Swing has 3 seat positions to keep baby soothed and relaxed. A Soft micro plush insert and headrest cradles the youngest of babies. Plays 8 musical tunes and 3 sound effects. A motorized mobile with soft floating clouds and cute little lambs engage baby from above.

fisher price zen cradle swing

The Zen Cradle Swing from Fisher-Price strikes a balance between comfort and function. Featuring rich textures, earthy colors and beautiful wood accents, the Zen Cradle Swing soothes baby by rocking side-to-side and front-to-back. Baby is surrounded by soft fabrics, soft music and the soft gentle motion of the toys on the mobile. The plush seat is removable and can be taken wherever you need to go.

Paul Frank Log Rocker

paul frank log rocker

Inspired by a log, this Paul Frank Log Rocker is just as strong as its inspiration. The designer’s timeless style and innovative thinking are clear in this beautiful product. Two kids can seesaw on this rocker, back to back or doubling like on a bicycle. Pretend it’s a school bus picking up students or pretend you’re flying a little wooden airplane. Whatever it is, we’re sure your kids will imagine it.