Wonderworld Eco-Playhouse

wonderworld eco playhouse

We love this two story wooden playhouse for kids! It includes three wooden dolls that all live in this environmentally responsible themed home which is even further represented with a windmill,solar panels on the roof and recycling bins. The kitchen set, bedroom set and bathroom set are all included and the whole wonderful playhouse is made from environmentally friendly rubberwood and then painted with non-toxic water-based paints. Your kids will love playing in it, and they’ll be learning some great lessons about sustainability at the same time!

Victorian Playhouse

victorian playhouse

We can’t get over these pine Playhouse’s from HomePlace Structures. Custom Amish crafted outdoor products that are beautifully constructed and perfect for children’s hours of fun. Its line of play structures includes the best, most innovative ways to have fun. Imagine towers and lofts, playhouse lofts, ships and castles, and combination units.

Le Café Play Tent

le cafe play tent

When I was little, I loved pretending that I was working in a restaurant or café just like this one. Back then, I only had my imagination of these things. Now this little Le Café Play Tent holds eight children! With a cool striped awning, roll out brick patio and front swinging door, kids can set up their own little business in no time. Forget the lemonade stand – the Le Café Play Tent is sure to produce hours of fun!

Cape Cod Playhouse Kit

cape cod playhouse kit

Wow this is amazing. This Cape Cod styled playhouse kit comes equipped with beautiful Cape Cod dormers (windows), a high soaring ceiling and an absolutely ideal environment for your child to personalize their space. An excellent setting for young children to harvest their unending creativity and capture their imagination. Attractive flower boxes make outdoor play educational with the upkeep of various plants and flowers. As if that isn’t enough, this superb Cap Cod Playhouse Kit comes with hardwood flooring! Add on to the Cape Cod playhouse with an optional deck and painted rail, loft and chimney… I think I’m going to move out of my 600 square foot Los Angeles apartments downtown and into this …

Rock Star Baby Travel Play Yard

rock star baby travel play yard

Created by the legendary drummer for Bon Jovi and featured in countless magazines, Rock Star Baby products prove that becoming a parent has never been cooler. The Rock Star Baby Travel Play yard is all you need to travel with baby in one handy designed product. Comes with removable change table, the diaper bag dispenser and the adjustable pram settings. It’s easy to move your play from room to room with the easy-roll wheel system. When you’re ready to go everything packs into a small carry bag.

recycled cardboard doll house

This eco friendly toy is made in the UK from recycled card. With all post-production waste also sent for recycling, the production of this product is wonderfully eco efficient. And to complete the recycling loop, the house itself can also be recycled at the end of its life.
A delightful recycled cardboard playhouse, this dolls house will delight your young one. Open fronted for easy access with windows and lots of rooms, it can sit either on a table or on the floor. Budding interior designers will have hours of fun painting and decorating their very own eco house with colours and fabrics.

Cardboardesign Kids Play House

cardboardesign kids play house

Eco friendly and full of fun, the Cardboardesign Kids Play House will encourage self expression and creative imagination. Paint inside or out. Mail or receive a letter in the convenient mail slot. Your children will appreciate that they can come and go as they please in this eco friendly Cardboardesign Kids play house.

recycled cardboard fairytale palace

A delightful green Christmas gift the whole family can enjoy. Wake your children on christmas morning to a recycled cardboard fairytale palace! Made from extremely sturdy recyclable cardboard that is sturdy yet light and produced to ensure high quality for children to freely decorate and play safely. Can be recycled at the end of its life when your child has grown out of it.

recycled cardboard kids playhouse

This kids eco toy is especially great for a number of reasons. It’s made from recycled cardboard, which also means you can recycle it when you’re done with it. It’s easy to assemble, complete with slots to put each piece into place. So you can re-use, re-flat pack and fold away ready for the next adventure. And it’s ready to be customized with paint, crayons or stickers. This Recycled Cardboard Kids Playhouse is the perfect eco friendly toy for home or garden.

Cedar Playhouse

cedar playhouse

What a cool Playhouse! This Cedar Playhouse will be the most popular place to hang out in the neighborhood. The perfect environment for younger kids, all Playhouses are made with Western Red Cedar, a wood that is long-lasting, beautiful and, above all else, safe.