Kids Nap Away Mat

kids nap away mat

What a great idea for kids on the move. The Kids Nap Away Mat is a portable, comfortable and warm nap time accessory for kids who maybe have nap time in class, or for taking to preschool. It easily rolls up and is secured with a hook and loop straps and carry handle.
Unroll the mat and the whimsical pillow design will bring a smile to your childs face.

Organic Cotton Kitten Pillow

organic cotton kitten pillow

This adorable petite kitten pillow can be used for decorative purposes, or a simple plaything. Designed by Ross Menuez, this organic cotton kitten pillow is made from organic cotton. Soft to the touch and oh so cute.

Organic Bumper Cover

organic bumper cover

Made with 100% organic canvas, this Organic Bumper Cover comes with ties that secure the bumper to crib. The Organic Bumper Cover comes in a beautiful natural color and will nicely bring together your babies’ crib. Bumper is sold separately.

bloom snug seat pad

For use with the bloom Coco Baby Lounger, Fresco High Chair, and Nano Folding High Chair comes the bloom Snug Seat Pad. Made of 100% soft, natural bamboo the ultra soft seat pad is also naturally anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic for baby. Bamboo has a tendency to dry 20% faster than cotton, leaving baby dry and comfortable. The bloom seat pad fully supports baby’s neck.

mini fashion bean bag chair with zoo print

Breathable, washable, and stain-resistant this super-cute Bean Bag Chair with Zoo Print is sure to put a big smile on any child’s face. It has a soft, durable cover and is filled with the toughest filling around. Extra-strong childproof fastener and zipper make it safe. Also doubles as a versatile floor cushion. Available in 7 cool colours and prints.

Baby Sleigh Cushion

baby sleigh cushion

If you are pulling the little one around on a wooden Baby Sleigh this winter, then this is the ideal accessory for you. Give your little one some extra padding with the extra durable Baby Sleigh Cushion. This Baby Sleigh Cushion is for use on specific wooden Baby Sleighs.

Svan Chair Cushion

svan chair cushion

The Svan Chair Cushion is the perfect accessory for the Svan High Chair. It comes in a rainbow of cool colours and is fitted perfectly for the Svan chair. This cushion is made of a durable cotton with a Polyester cover, over Polyurethane Foam. Features are that it can be washed and dried over and over in the machine and still maintain it’s shape and color. It’s very easy to take off, throw in the wash and put back on.

Heart Shaped Pillow

heart shaped pillow

This beautiful pink beaded pillow is bound to make a statement. This Heart Shaped Pillow has been custom made and exquisitely hand beaded, and is sure to please a child or teenager of any age who wants to complete a room. Equal parts feminine, lady like and smart, a gorgeous accent piece will fit into any room or decor, young and old alike will appreciate it’s beauty!

Kids Floor Cushion

kids floor cushion

Available in Key Lime Green and Cranberry Red, these cool Kids Floor Cushions from Iglooplay features seating that reflects the way children actually sit… on the floor! This modern floor cushion goes hand in hand with the Lima Table from Iglooplay, combining smooth design aesthetics with your child’s comfort. Good for anytime, such as eating, drawing, painting, and writing alone or with friends, your child will love having their own spot just for themselves.