Easy Vegetable Gardens for Children

Easy Vegetable Gardens for Children

Vegetable gardening is a great way to get kids interested in the outdoors and a good way to get them to eat their vegetables. Fortunately, this is a n easy project to get started. Follow these tips when growing vegetables with your kids or grandkids.

• Pick quick germinating plants. If you’re starting with seeds, waiting for them to sprout can seem like forever when you’re little. Choosing a vegetable like beans or peas will give you results in less than a week in most climates.

• Let the kids pick some of the vegetables. If you’re working with a group of kids, consider letting each child pick one or two plants. You may also want to consider letting the kids pick half the plants, but making sure to plant a few new vegetables they’ve never tried before. Growing the plants themselves will make them much more apt to try eating them.

• Start some plants from sprouts. Yes, these can be more expensive than seeds, but they are also more likely to bear fruit faster.

• Be careful with staking. Children seem to be fascinated with staking long vines, but they tend to tie strings to tight. Carefully monitor this part of the process.

• Let the kids find recipes they want to try with the produce. If a child in unfamiliar with a particular vegetable, letting them choose how to cook it can be a great way to get them to eat it. Don’t be surprised if they choose to eat a lot of vegetable pizza, though. You may also want to use this opportunity to teach them the basics of canning.

• Grow some fruit and herbs with the vegetables. Kids are much more likely to eat fruit than vegetables, and by growing herbs they will be able to get much more creative with how they cook all of their produce.

Keeping Your Kids Cool in this Crazy Heat!

keeping kids cool in the heat

Keeping your children cool in the middle of the hottest summer on record can be hard without confining them to a room with air conditioning. Fortunately, there are ways to keep kids cool while they play outside. Try these tips.

• Put the kids in water. Go swimming in a pool or lake, play in a sprinkler, visit a splash park, or just have a water fight. Water is a great way to keep cool. It is critical, however, for kids to wear sunscreen if they are going to play in the water. Because water reflects the sun’s rays, kids can get sunburned much faster than they would otherwise.

• Dress in more clothes, not less. Many people’s first instinct when the temperature rises is to put on as little clothing as possible, but people who live in the desert have learned that the secret to staying cool is wear more clothing. Light layers of natural fibers, such as cotton will absorb sweat and allow it to do its primary job, which is transferring heat away from the body. More clothes will also help protect the skin from getting burned. If possible, add a hat. Hats will keep the sun’s rays off of kids’ heads.

• Seek out shade. The problem with playing sports outdoors in the summer is that the fields are not exactly covered in trees. In between innings or quarters, have the kids sit under a tree or in a dugout.

• Avoid going out during the hottest part of the day. Depending on what part of the time zone you live in, this time is usually between noon and four o’clock. Plan on doing inside activities during this time.

• Drink water frequently. Juice and sports drinks will help, but nothing beats water for keeping kids hydrated and cooled down. If you’re monitoring a large group of kids, make sure that everyone gets a drink at least once every hour (more frequently if the kids are really active). If any child turns pale, has clammy skin, or starts vomiting, get him or her inside immediately.

Safety Tips For Kids in Backyard Pools

kids pool safety tips

On a hot and sunny day, the last thing you want to do is sit in your home drenching in your own sweat. Having a swimming pool in your backyard is very convenient and will help you save on your cooling bills. While swimming pools are a great long-term investment, when you have children, there are several things you need to consider. Your child’s safety is much more important than comfort and fun. Because of this, you need to make sure you are prepared to keep your children safe when you have a pool in your backyard. Here are some valuable tips on how to keep your children safe when you have a pool:

Fencing is the Perfect Barricade

In some states, you are required to have a fence that completely surrounds the pool. You should install a fence at least 4 feet tall that surrounds your pool regardless of if it is the law or not. This will prevent the little ones from getting near the pool when an adult is not outside to supervise.

Pay For Swimming Lessons

If your child is not an experienced swimmer, enroll them in a professional swimming lessons. Even when your child is a seasoned swimmer, you should never assume that they are safe in the pool alone. Make sure you set a rule that children may only swim when an adult is present. You might also want to practice the buddy system where older and younger kids stay within reach at all times when a lot of children are swimming at once.

Remove the Pool Cover When People Are Swimming

You should never leave a pool cover on your pool partially when people are in the pool. If the cover is even near the edge of the pool, it is easy for a kid to get trapped under it. Roll the cover up and remove it from the pool area completely.

Do Not Allow Diving

Diving can lead to severe injuries, even when you have an in-ground pool. If you do allow diving, make sure it is only allowed from a diving board and not from the sides of the pool where injuries are more apt to happen. You should also make sure that you keep rescue equipment close to the pool just in case something happens.

Make sure you safeguard your pool so that you have peace of mind. When you take the proper precautions, you will be able to enjoy the pool instead of worrying about accidents and potential injuries.

The Best Kiddie Pools Under $100

kiddie pools

Kiddie pools are wonderful to have in the backyard. Buying a big pool for your family can either be too expensive or your backyard may not have enough space. Many people enjoy using these pools because they can be very cheap. Most of them cost less than $250, but there are many which can cost even lower than $100.

Intex Sun Fish Snapset Pool

This kiddie pool costs less than $24.99. It is measured at approximately 19.3 x 7.1 x 6.9 inches. Since it isn’t all the big, small children are the ones who can really fit inside of these. Intex has created a wide variety of pools, and they never fail to create high quality kiddie pools for the young ones. It is made out sturdy vinyl and PVC, so it is quite a strong laptop that your kids can enjoy.

Intex Swim Center Paradise Lagoon

This stunning looking pool can be just the perfect thing for your children to swim in. It was designed for children 3 years of age or older, and it has measurements of exactly 103″ x 63″ x 18″. It has a paradise lagoon design on the outside, and since it is quite big, you can be sure that several children can all swim at once. At $29.95, this pool is quite affordable to buy.

Intex Play N Learn Kiddie Pool

This pool is perfect for children who are only a year old. It is quite small, but it is perfect for the youngest children you have. Small toys surround the entire pool, and your young babies are definitely going to enjoy playing inside. It costs exactly $17.95 and can be great for building their hand-eye coordination. If your children are very young and you would like them to experience the joy of swimming, this can be great for them to get started. With its size of only 3 x 9 x 8 inches, it can fit into any backyard of any size.

Sun Smart Baby Hideaway Pool

Want to protect your children from the sun? This pool has a small cover to the side which is connected to the pool, so your children can be protected from the sun easily. It costs only $28.05, and it is perfect for the smallest of children. The top which covers the half of the pool can be removed easily if you decide to. The product dimensions are 2.5 x 10.5 x 9.8 inches.

The kiddie pools above are all very well respected by families not only because of its price, but also because of their high quality design. If you want to save money with an affordable kiddie pool, the ones above should be a great investment.

Review – Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles

Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles

One of the things that my children love to use is bubbles. When we saw the Crayola Colored Bubbles, we had to try them. Although they bring some brightness and variety to playing outside, there are some things that I did not like about the product.

My children loved seeing the different colors that they could make while blowing bubbles. Some of the colors that we got were pink, blue and green. There are other colors available and the price is affordable for a Crayola product. We have been able to find the bubbles at most of the local retail stores in our city. They are easy to use, and they don’t spill as much as other bubbles that we have tried. One of the things that my children liked about the bubbles was that they seemed bigger than other bubbles that they have played with. They also seem to hold together longer than average bubbles. This is where the good things about Crayola Colored Bubbles end.

I was disappointed that my kids could not play with the bubbles inside on a rainy day. We tried blowing them inside the living room, but a colored spot was left everywhere the bubbles popped. Another concern is that the bubbles can stain clothes. It is best to wear older clothes when you play with them unless you want to wash clothes more than one tome to get the colors out.

The bubbles also left stains on hands if the bubbles popped while blowing them. The durability and quality of the product is great, but Crayola needs to find a way to keep the bubbles from staining items that children and adults use.

The Safest Sleds For My Kids

kids sled safety

My children love to play outdoors year round. In the coldest months of winter, playing in the snow provides us with hours of enjoyment. One of my family’s favorite activities on a snowy day is sledding. Last winter our love of sledding meant that a new snow sled was in order. That led to my search for the best snow sled for my children.

The first consideration I made when looking for a sled for my kids was safety. I ended up looking at two different sleds in this respect, because I wanted a sled that I could ride in with my younger child and a sled that my older child could enjoy independently. For the younger child, I considered a two seat sled to be the safest option, with handles to hold on to and seat belts. For my older child, I wanted a sled that offered handles for added safety down rough hills, as well as built in runners to help him keep the sled straight when sledding down uneven paths.

My next consideration was sled design. I ruled out wooden sleds because of the metal blades underneath. I have witnessed my children’s roaming hands more than once, and was afraid the metal blades would pose a risk for cuts and abrasions. I did like the blow up design that some sleds offered, but was afraid of punctures that would result in an unusable sled and a disappointing day for the family. In the end, I made a decision to purchase plastic sleds. They were lightweight, moved fast down hills and included a convenient rope to pull the sled uphill after each sledding experience.

My kids enjoyed many days of winter fun thanks to our new sleds. Their rosy cheeks were full of joy after every outing and I felt confident that I made educated and safe buying decisions.

Air Swimmers Radio Controlled Flying Toys

Picture 1

The Christmas buzz is on this year, and kids all over the place are asking for these awesome Air Swimmers radio-controlled toys! Air Swimmers are available in the Clownfish and Shark style and these helium filled RC flying fish will be your kid’s favorite toy this year, guaranteed! They can fly the enormous sea creature balloons around your house in the winter, and then outside in the year or at the park the rest of the year!

These radio-controlled fish friends are not just fun for the whole family, they are a great way to introduce your little ones to the wonders of the ocean, and the beautiful animals that live there. Nemo and his Shark friend are the favorites of kids everywhere, and these amazing toys will remind your children of their most beloved characters!

Stiga Snowracer Supreme GT Snow Sled

Stiga Snowracer Supreme GT Snow Sled

Gone are the days of a flimsy plastic carpet sled that constantly rolls itself up when you’re trying to lay down on it to get down the hill. This is the future of sledding, and this holiday season, give your kids the ultimate sled. The Stiga Snowracer Supreme GT is the Porsche of sleds. Not only will your children be leaving the other kids on the hill in the (snow) dust, they’ll be doing it in slick style.

Featuring Stiga’s new front ski, the Curve is designed to move much faster on the snow and is a lot easier to control. The twin-tip front ski and rear skis will make sure your kids stay safe and stable, and even allow for backwards sledding.

If your little ones have been good this year, reward them (and encourage them to get off the video games – and to get some fresh air and exercise) with an amazing sled like the Stiga Snowracer.

Kids Hammerhead Pro X Snow Sled


Now THIS is a sled! The Hammerhead sports an ergonomically designed body with a precision-engineered aluminum frame, patented steering system, interchangeable skis, and revolutionary suspension fabric seating, meanwhile, are designed to accommodate everything from rugged terrain to novice sledders. Kids can even use the Hammerhead at ski areas thanks to its precise steering mechanism and topnotch suspension system.

Kids’ Winter Walker Snowshoes


The Kids’ Winter Walker Snowshoes feature the same high-quality materials and construction as Adults’ Winter Walkers, with kid-friendly features. The Easy Fit binding is designed so that kids can put it on and take it off by themselves. A molded heel cup holds the foot securely in place.

The fixed binding attachment under the forefoot flexes to allow a natural stride and keeps the snowshoe close to the foot, making it easier to step over obstacles or back up.

Hardened-aluminum crampons at the toe and heel provide outstanding traction on ice and crusty snow. Anodized 6000-series aluminum frame is lightweight and virtually indestructible. Rugged polyurethane decking is abrasion and puncture resistant. feature the same high-quality materials and construction as our Adults’ Winter Walkers, with kid-friendly features. The Easy Fit binding is designed so that kids can put it on and take it off by themselves, even with mittens. A molded heel cup holds the foot securely in place.