The Best Colors To Paint The Nursery

nursery painting

Before you give birth, you must first create a nursery to keep your baby comfortable at all times. Creating your baby’s nursery can be quite tough, as choosing the color of the paint will take some time, especially if you don’t know your baby’s gender. There aren’t really any colors that wouldn’t suit your baby’s nursery, but there are colors which are better than others. Every parents’ biggest concern when choosing a color is how it can affect their baby.

The Best Colors To Paint The Nursery

– Yellow

Bright yellow appears to be a great gender neutral color. This color is especially a great choice if the nursery room is tiny with a lack of windows. Having natural light in the room is important, as it is calming to the eyes. Shades of yellow actually encourages an optimistic and joyful disposition. Yellow walls with tiny accents of navy blue would be great if your baby is a boy, and yellow walls with small accents of pink would be perfect if your baby is a girl. To make it easier, you can paint the nursery yellow before the birth, and once you know the gender, you can add the blue or the pink.

– Lime Green

Lime green is also a gender neutral color that would look perfect on your baby’s nursery walls. Light colors like lime green is highly refreshing and uplifting to the eyes. The color offers a soothing and calming effect which is perfect for sleeping. Lime green goes with many other colors which can work as accents for the nursery.

A few other gender neutral colors that you can choose are beige, tan, cream, pearl, and light orange. Painting your baby’s nursery before the birth is advisable, as you don’t want your baby to inhale the scent of the paint. Avoid dark colors because they can be pretty depressing to be around. You want to choose vibrant and calming colors, as they will benefit your baby greatly.

Urban Glider Rocking Chair

urban glider rocking chair

A stylish and sturdy wooden glider will transition beautifully from the nursery to the living room. This gliding rocking chair features ergonomic armrests and back, lots of lumbar support and last but not least, a wonderful reclining position. The Urban Glider Rocking Chair has what’s called ” Advanced Chair Technology” or (ACT) and what that is, is a customizable and personalized innovative system to fit an individual’s “morphology”. This chair rocks!

Copper Bunny and Mouse Figurines

copper bunny and mouse figurines

Made of antique greenish copper colored metal, these Copper Bunny and Mouse Figurines will inspire imagination and add a hint of magic. These fantastic accessories will look great side by side or as bookends. Capture that youthful essence of enchantment by embellishing your baby’s nursery with a whimsical feel and a touch of fantasy.

Nursery Sculpture

nursery sculpture

This cute Nursery Sculpture will capture a youthful essence and inspire imagination and maybe even a hint of magic. This fantastic accessory is painted in an antique finish and resembles a game piece from the old fashion pastime, Jacks.

Big Baby Safety Pin Wall Hanging

big baby safety pin wall hanging

Embellish your baby’s nursery with a quirky feel and a touch of playfulness! Inspire imagination and add some fun with the Big Baby Safety Pin Wall Hanging. This fantastic accessory is shaped just like a giant safety pin and covered in an antique finish. From the same Glenna Jean collection look for fun things like over-sized keys and all things decorative for baby’s nursery.

Offi Nest Bassinet

offi nest bassinet

This ultra-modern looking bassinet arose from the desire to have a contemporary bedside sleeping option for babies. Parents have peace of mind and will be able to rest soundly knowing their baby is safe and comfortable next to them. The Conversion Play Table was designed to sustain the life of the Offi Nest Bassinet while meeting the needs of your growing family. Now, with a few accessories and adjustments, the iconic Nest Bassinet will transform to a play table and toy bin to be used for years to come.

seed organic the pod basket

The POD Basket is the best start in life you can give your baby. With a natural latex mattress, soft 100% natural organic cotton liner and the beautifully woven, extra large, natural maize moses basket, is what makes the POD so special. With the added flexibility of removing the basket from the stand, you can take your baby’s bed wherever you go, making it perfect for weekends away.

Nursery Chair and a Half

nursery chair and a half

Perfect for mothers with multiple children, this Nursery Chair and a Half is an excellent addition to any nursery. Features include plenty of seating space, and a tall seat back for added support. The nursery chair comes in numerous vibrant fabric and color options to find the perfect match for your nursery. Sit back and relax, and rock your newborn to sleep with your little one right at your side.

Sleigh Back Glider

sleigh back glider

This Sleigh Back Glider offers full body support and comfortable cushions, making it a great place for you to tend to your child in the wee hours of the morning. Create a relaxing and peaceful resting area in your nursery with this Sleigh Back Glider. A great addition to any home, and available in 6 wood finishes and 6 whimsical fabrics, the Sleigh Back glider is guaranteed for years of comfort.

Nursery Glider

nursery glider

Relax with your baby in this Nursery Glider, complete with down filling. The down filling makes this upholstered nursery glider the perfect place to rock, soothe and bond with your little one for years to come. You can also choose an optional ottoman, nursing pillow, slipcover, and even a built-in massage unit.