Vtech InnoPad Kids Learning Tablet


Want to train your little ones in the ways of the techno-force? Obviously, young children are too young for an expensive (and delicate) iPad, and although they may be fixated on yours, its not a great idea to get any child under 10 their own high-tech tablet.

The InnoPad has a good-sized 5″ color touch screen and a tilt-sensor so that your little ones can do all the tapping and dragging on their tablet that you can do on yours.

InniPad comes with a number of kid-friendly applications including an MP3 Player Video Player an Interactive Globe, a Friends List, a Calculator and a cool clock to help kids learn and develop. Of course, you can load up on extra cartridges sold separately that teach essential skills in reading, logic and creativity.


Create interest in eco-friendliness, sustainability and science in your children’s life with this mini windmill generator. Learn about renewable energy and watch how wind power can make an LED glow, with no batteries required!

Kit includes rotor, front housing with gear and rotor shaft installed, back housing, 2 half screw caps, toy motor with gear (generator), motor cover, 8 small screws, LED with wires and detailed instructions.

wonderworld chicky memo memory game

An absolutely ideal Easter gift for the kids. Introducing a new kind of memory game that your child will absolutely love. Helps sharpen your child’s memory skills and improve their ability to play with others. The object of the Wonderworld Chicky Memo Memory Game is for two or more farmers to collect as many eggs as possible. In order to get the egg, the player must remember the location and the color of each egg, which are all hidden under the look-alike hens. Wonderworld, an advocate of protecting the environment, insists on using only rubber-wood that is from a replenishable source.

Rainbow River Stones

rainbow river stones

The Rainbow River Stones toy is a wonderful way to get your child playing and learning at the same time. Immersing themselves in a fun and creative environment, the Rainbow River Stones teaches children to adapt, take action, and it gets them moving. Not only are they having fun with the Rainbow River Stones, they are being active and developing their muscles. This wonderful toy will enlighten children everywhere and would make a delightful gift.

adventure packs rainforest explorer pack

Encourage the wonders of the world to your children with this Adventure Packs Rainforest Explorer Pack. The highly detailed and realistic toy will inspire your child to explore biology and think about the nature of our amazing rainforests . Perfect for the inquisitive and worldly child, The Adventure Packs Rainforest Explorer Pack will surely spark imaginations and undoubtedly provide hours of educational fun.

Magnetic Flower Match Game

magnetic flower match game

Bring the garden indoors and have those budding green-thumbs create the flowers of their dreams. The magnetic flower match game is a perfect little toy that children will love to have fun with. Playing with different shapes and colors, the magnetic flower match game is not only fun but educational. Let your child’s imagination run wild and create beautiful flower creations. The magnetic flower match game comes in an attractive wood storage case that doubles as the play area. Suitable for ages 3 and up.

The Play Cube

the play cube

I’m sure almost everyone has seen this play cube in one form or another in doctor’s offices, schools, or in people’s homes. This classic toy can entertain children for hours with it’s variety of different games. The Play Cube features five different sides of play with games such as: Rollercoaster bead maze, Pathfinder Panel, Magnet Express Panel, Ziggidy Zag Panel, and the Sculpture maze panel. Sounds like a whole lotta fun to me! Get this toy today and I’m sure your little ones will be thankful.

Textured Dominoes

textured dominoes

Who said dominoes were only for old people? These textured Dominoes are a new take on and old classic. Specifically made for the growing child in mind, the textured dominoes come in a variety of colorful circles and different textures. The result is a fun-filled game that teaches children to match up colors and textures, thus improving their sensory skills. The dominoes come in a sturdy, wooden tray that make clean up and storage easy. The Textured Dominoes game is for ages three and up.

city toys eco town

If only our own cities and towns were this environmentally conscious. The City Toys Eco Town is the perfect toy for intellectual development and pure entertainment. Your child can build the city of their dreams and let their imaginations run wild. The City Toys Eco Town stimulates creative thinking and visualization while informing your child about social environments, occupations, and how the world works and operates. All the materials are environmentally safe and made from replenishable Rubberwood.

Creative Kids Money Box

creative kids money box

Encourage your young ones to save up their money early on. A creative money box for kids will help to encourage saving. MAde of wood, this wooden piggy bank whimsically saves money for a rainy day. It looks like the little birdie facilitates putting the money in the box, although I can’t really tell. Cute nonetheless.