Fancy Nancy Kids Birthday Theme Party

These days, every parent wants to give their child a party that will stand out. Food and drinks, entertainment, and activities are the main components of every children’s party, and each should be considered when thinking of modern children’s party ideas.

Food and drinks does not have to be boring. When it comes to a child’s party, the food and drinks should be a part of the fun. One great idea is to incorporate food and activities. A contest (no judging necessary) where the children have various foods to choose from and must make a sculpture using toothpicks is an innovative idea. For drinks, a soda machine that uses water and various flavorings to make customized soda that is healthier than store-bought is also a fun activity for kids.

Kids Circus Party Idea

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Ideas for A Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday

gabba gabba invite

Planning a kid’s birthday party can be a fun and exciting time. It can also be difficult to get everything just right for their perfect day. I have found that it is easier to ensure that I have everything that I need by having a themed birthday party. A great birthday theme for younger children is Yo Gabba Gabba.

When having a Yo Gabba Gabba themed birthday party, I can easily coordinate all of the various things that I need starting with the birthday invitations. There are a variety to choose from and some can be personalized with my child’s photo.

I can then pick out all of the decorations that I need to have for my child’s Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party. I can find plates, napkins, and cups that are great for the children to use during the party. There are also banners, hats, placemats, wall decorations, table centerpieces and so much more. I was amazed at the amount of theme birthday decorations I was able to find that worked so nicely for a Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party.

No party is complete without having games. There are a variety of games that have been created such as a Match N’ Dance game and a Dance Party DJ card game. I was able to find games that would easily keep the children busy and having fun for hours.

Before the children all leave the party, I like to make sure that they all have party bags. When having a Yo Gabba Gabba themed birthday party, I tried something new and had a candy buffet. I laid out a table with a variety of different candies and party favors. The children could all then go and fill their own party bags with their favorite candies. This is something that the children truly enjoyed doing.

Having a Yo Gabba Gabba themed birthday party is a fun and exciting thing to do. With all of the supplies that are out there, it actually made planning the party quite easy.

Marvel Hero Birthday Party

One of the hottest trends to hit the big screens in recent years has been the invasion of Marvel Superheroes. Kids are responding in a big way, and perhaps now more than ever, they want to play superhero dress up. Yet with Halloween only once a year, what are they to do? The answer is Marvel Hero Birthday parties.

The first challenge is establishing the cast of characters. Option one is to let every child come as their favorite and risk having 3 Iron Mans at the party, option two is trying to coordinate ahead of time, maybe letting the birthday person pick first and drawing names from a hat as to who picks next. It’s also not necessary that the kids arrive in costume at all. Face painting or costume/mask-making could become part of the party itself.

Party-goers could potentially form two groups of heroes that then play in friendly competition while engaging in fun-filled activities. The Avengers may certainly be the team currently most on everyone’s mind, but don’t forget about the Uncanny X-Men… they can be more than a match for Captain America and his crew! The two teams could work together, or try to show off their power in competition… but at the end of the day, they are all still heroes.

When dreaming up activities for the kids to participate in on their superhero adventure, all that’s necessary is to think like a comic book adventure, and modify accordingly. Set up interesting terrains for their adventure. A water sprinkler/pool party could become a standoff of Earth’s mightiest heroes at an exotic waterfall or island. Scavenger hunts are now a search for powerful alien stones that have crashed to Earth. Racing with an egg or a potato on a spoon transforms into rushing innocent bystanders to safety. You could even decorate these food items to look like people!

If there’s one party secret to getting the kids behind the activities, it’s making events like a video game that their bodies are actually participating in.

race car party

When planning any child’s birthday party, it is a great idea to have a theme for them. I have found that many little boys and girls love having a race car themed birthday party. Now that a theme is picked out, it is time to determine all of the various items you will want to have.

The first thing to start with are the various decorations that I use when having a race car themed birthday party. Having some checkered flags hanging within the party area, along with balloons and streamers that are black, red, and white is a great start to the decorating. There are also numerous types of race car plates, napkins, and cups that will help finish off the theme.

Another part of planning a themed birthday party is to have activities that also coincide with the theme. When the location of the party permits, I like to set up a race track. The race can either be on foot or by using something such as bicycles, push toys, or other children’s toys. I also have some type of prizes or trophies for those that win the races. Another great activity for those race fans is to do some vehicle painting. Using matchbox cars and children’s washable paints, it is a fun and entertaining activity that all of the children will enjoy.

No party is complete without party favors for the children as well. In sticking with the theme, I use matchbox cars or other types of cars, checkered flags, race car stickers, race car deck of cards, and fun car shaped candies and suckers.

Themed parties are extremely fun for children and ensuring that everything goes with the party theme makes it even more exciting for them.

A Safari Themed Kids Birthday Party

kids safari party

Kids and animals are the perfect combination at a party. Although puppies, kittens and farm animals definitely have the cute factor going on but what about upping the ante by bringing a safari to town? What kid is going to be bored when the theme of that birthday party is focused on tigers, lions and elephants?

Invite Guests to an Adventure

Create invitations that are designed as though they were passports to another country. Africa or Australia would be great destinations for those little guests.

Checking out the Sights

Make some fun party favors that are inexpensive and totally recyclable. Use the cardboard tubes from rolls of paper towels and create binoculars and telescopes. Need a camera? With some construction paper and empty candy boxes you can make a kid-friendly smart phone with picture taking capabilities.

Search and Discover

With a scavenger hunt you can send young party guests out on an educational adventure. Let them search for stuffed animals that you have hidden in strategic locations. This can help teach kids about the natural habitats and behaviors of animals. For instance a monkey may be found swinging on a tree limb and a tiger might be found sleeping in tall grass.

Mix and Match

Use cardboard to make cut-outs of the countries where specific animals are found. Have a contest to see who can match the most animals with the right country. Make the game easy or difficult according to the ages of the kids attending the party.

Go Wild

Help the guests paint their faces so they resemble their favorite wild animal. Provide the kids with lots of old clothing and help them create safari based outfits. A pith helmet would be really cool, but imagination can make almost any hat work. Play music that includes animal noises or songs about wild animals. Give prizes to the guests that can mimic the most animal sounds.

Animal Crackers

A big bowl of animal crackers can make a perfect centerpiece for the table. Create a pyramid made from boxes of animal crackers and then let the kids take turns knocking the structure over with balloons or foam balls. Sure, most of the tosses will miss the target but it is just a lot of fun to try and hit the mark with a balloon.

kids eat free birthday restaurant

Even if there are some people who do not look forward to their birthday, children always do. You can make your child’s birthday even more special while getting a bit of a cost break if their birthday celebration happens at a restaurant that recognizes their special day. Chuck E. Cheese’s is one of the most widely recognized restaurants that can make the birthday child feel special. Not only do they get free pizza, but also a crown and gifts. Free game tokens for your child and friends and Chuck E. Cheese himself sings Happy Birthday.

Joining a birthday club is a great way to make sure your child has a great birthday experience. The Baskin Robbins birthday club offers a free cone on the big day, and a discount on an ice cream cake for a celebration at home. The Burger King Crown club offers a free kids hamburger meal and offers online games, crafts and activities.

The California Pizza Kitchen Kids’ Birthday Club provides a free kid’s meal that is available for their entire birth month. Some restaurants offer free food and gifts to adults as well as children. If you are a member of the Red Robin e-club, you will get a free hamburger on your birthday, and a gift just for signing up.

These are some of the most recognized restaurants with free meal deals for kids and adults on their birthday. There are likely some local restaurants that want to recognize the birthday of their clients with a free meal and possibly a song. If you plan to take your child to their favorite restaurant for their birthday celebration, call the restaurant ahead of time and arrange for a birthday cake (or cupcake) with candles, accompanied by someone singing Happy Birthday.

birthday camping kids

Guests that are over for an outdoor camping birthday party require fun activities to keep them all occupied and interested. The first step in this process is sending out invitations for the party. Include the image of a tent on a card that will be sent to other families. Make sure to include any instructions for items that will be needed such as a sleeping bag and a spare set of clothes and shoes.

Set up the camp in a backyard area. Set up a tent and then find wood to use for a campfire. Place pieces of logs around the area of the campfire to use for seating. When this is done you can then determine all the activities to provide for the kids.

A tried and true activity for any backyard birthday party is a scavenger hunt. To do this, a set of items is required and can be placed in a pillowcase. These include items such as glow sticks, flashlights, a snack food and anything else fun. Tie the pillowcase to a tree and then create a map to the location. Divide the kids at the party into groups and send them out to find the package of goodies.

When the sun has set, a fun activity is to use flashlights to play tag. Hide and seek is another activity to play at a backyard camping party. When these activities are finished, a campfire can be started. You can have the kids go out and collect wood to use for the fire. Prepare a stack of wood before the party starts that will be used for the fire. When the fire is ready, begin melting marshmallows and chocolate for use with graham crackers. This is a perfect time to tell a ghost story or other spooky stories.

Cooking food over the campfire is another fun activity. Foods to cook include hot dogs and dinners that are placed in tin foil. Heat from the fire will cook the hot dog or to cook the contents of a foil dinner. To do this you need to use a long stick that can be held over the fire. A birthday cake that has been decorated with a camping theme can also be provided to have after dinner.

A Carnival Themed Kids Birthday Party

carnival theme kids birthday

Children love carnivals and when they are having a birthday party, a carnival themed kids birthday party is a great way to go. Theme parties are all the rave and everyone wants to have one for their child. A carnival makes for a child friendly theme and it can even be made to fit into an eco-friendly party too.

There are many things that you can do to make your carnival themed party friendly to both your guests and the environment. For example, when selecting prizes for the children, select gifts that are made from renewed materials. Keep in mind that many of the carnival games can be made from things that you would normally throw out. For example, cans can be used for the can toss game and these can be recycled at a later time.

Another thing you can do is use old cloth to make bean bags for the children to throw at a bean bag toss or the tin can alley. Avoid doing games that use things that create more of a problem for the environment. For example, we all know that balloons are not eco-friendly. Knowing this, you avoid making any games with balloons.

You will not run out of carnival games to play because most any game can be adapted to fit this theme. You can use a ball and can to make a golf game or dig a small hole in the dirt outside for the ball to roll into. You can make a bowling game from weighted bags or cans and the list goes on and on. The types of games are only limited by your imagination.

One very cool game that can be made easy is the bottle stand up game. All you need is a few bottles, some string and a ring. You tie the ring onto the end of the string and try to hook the bottle with it. When they stand the bottle up, they win.

Regardless of which games you pick for your carnival themed kids birthday party, the children are going to love them. They are fun and each one will make your child’s party amazing. These ideas should give you some inspiration to create your own carnival games and make your little one’s birthday party super fun.


Many parents feel that it’s important to not only pay attention to becoming eco-friendly, but they also want to teach their little ones how to live the sustainable lifestyle as well. This is why many parents are planning eco birthday parties for toddlers.

It’s actually quite easy to plan a fun and eco-friendly birthday party for toddlers. This is especially true for this age group, because toddlers don’t require very much. The fact that there are other kids around to play with are often good enough for these young tykes! However, since party planning is such a major event for the adults, here are a few suggestions for parents to use within their party planning scheme.

– Parents can write the party invitations on recycled paper, or upon paper that is made with plantable seeds. This helps to give back to the earth, while announcing the child’s birthday party.

– Parents can make party favors out of newspapers, or out of other types of recycled materials. Example of party favors include windmills, streamers, or fun paper masks that can be colored on with beeswax crayons or with colored pencils. Parents can come up with lots of creative ideas that will help keep the kids entertained and busy.

– Here’s a cute and efficient way to serve drinks. Use fun and reusable drink containers, such as Mason canning jars. These can purchased in small sizes. They can be kept cool in a recycled aluminum bucket full of ice. This beats keeping juice or punch in a bowl that will attract bugs and allow for juice to spill everywhere.

– Save money while serving cake efficiently and neatly. Serve Whoopie pies instead of serving slices of a big sheet cake. Whoopie pies require no plates or forks, and they are portable. Top the birthday Whoopie pie with eco-friendly candles, such as a beeswax candle.

Other green ideas include sending the kids home with party favors wrapped in reusable or recycled paper wrapping. You could also ask the other parents to choose more eco-friendly gifts for your little one. There are lots of activities that can be engaged in, that allow kids to learn how to nurture and respect the earth.

princess birthday party

Most little girls love princesses and dream of being one themselves. A princess themed birthday party is the perfect way to give your daughter a fun-filled day that she’ll never forget, while allowing her to be a princess for a day. There are many different princesses out there that your birthday party could be themed around. Some of the most popular choices include the entire Disney roster of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Instead of choosing one princess to theme the birthday party around, it can simply be a general princess theme where all princesses are welcome. Here are a few tips that can be used when planning a princess birthday party.

1. Purchase themed decorations. No party is complete without the extravagant decorations. Golden ribbons dangling from the ceiling, balloons in royal colors such as purple, gold, and pink, and glass slippers placed upon the tables as centerpieces all make excellent decoration ideas for a princess party.

2. Place crowns in front of every seat for guests to wear. Girls love playing dress up and getting their very own crown will make them all feel like real queens and princesses on this royal day.

3. Allow guests to wear princess costumes to the party. A costume party makes the event seem more realistic and will be lots of fun for the birthday girl and her guests. Since some guests may not have costumes, you can also create your own costumes at the party, which makes for a fun activity.

4. Rent a play castle or bounce house for your backyard. If you’re planning on going all out on this theme party, children love bounce houses. Look into renting one that is shaped like a castle to stick with the theme of your birthday party.

5. Pink or royal themed party supplies such as paper plates, cups, napkins, and goody bags are must-haves. These can be purchased at nearly any party supply store and will have your favorite princess or princesses on them.

6. Order a birthday cake with a princess theme. White and pink icing and heart shaped sprinkles will make the perfect cake.