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Children’s toys, furniture and clothing seem to come from a never-ending conveyor belt of better and more up-to-date things. You can never afford to get all of the things you want for your child, and money is often tight with all the expenses that come with being a parent. But sometimes you want to splurge on the smartest, most eco-friendly items out there, and who could blame you?

So what’s a parent to do?

Well, we’ve all heard advice about tapping into local email lists for parents and asking friends for their hand-me-downs, but have you really used these resources to their full advantage? Parents whose kids have outgrown their belongings can be surprisingly generous. And sometimes the items they have can be exactly what you’re looking for. Since it doesn’t take a child very long to outgrow their belongings, some of the items may even be quite new.

But even after you’ve exhausted all the resources you can think of, there will always be things you want but haven’t found. At this point it can be useful to distinguish between the new trends that have little value and those that offer genuine benefits to your child. This will help you prioritize your wish list and avoid investing in items that aren’t worth it.

When you identify the items that are worth your investment, you can always turn to budgeting to help you afford them. Budgeting has a negative connotation as being limiting and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be hard and it can actually be freeing if it allows you to afford important things you couldn’t have before. Just take a look at your expenses and identify areas where you can easily cut back, and then save that money.

When you’re able to save up enough to afford something nice, the small sacrifices you made to get there don’t seem like such a big deal after all.

Annie Idea is a freelance writer focused on how to live large on a little living. She writes financial savings tips for the short term loans company, QuickQuid, and enjoys taking any idea and making it easier or cheaper to complete.

Eco-Friendly Twin Bed by Nurseryworks

Eco-Friendly Twin Bed by Nurseryworks

The Duet Twin Bed by Nurseryworks comes with a large number of appealing options, which gives parents and their children the chance to customize a sleeping and nursery solution that will fit any family’s needs for utility and style. The bed will look great in a modern, or a classic kids room or nursery, and it’s well built, so it will last and will maintain its strength for old and younger kids.

Panton Junior Chair

panton junior chair

The Panton Chair has always been a favorite of kids. They adore its bright, vibrant colors and smooth curves, and it’s as much fun to play with as it is to sit on. Designer Verner Panton began to consider the idea of producing a child-size version of the chair together with Vitra over 35 years ago. Now its possible. Vitra introduces the Panton Junior, whose production is based on the original plans of Verner Panton. Identical to the grown-up model in material and shape, the Panton Junior is about 25 percent smaller and available in seven different colors. Fantastic!

Skagerak Kids Table & Bench

skagerak kids table bench

Skagerak Denmark has inspired such Danish artists to create some of the greatest works in Danish history. The Drachmann range Skagerak Kids Table & Bench has the characteristic cross in the back and the simple, honest construction acts as today’s icon for modern design based on the tradition and aesthetics of the past. This children’s size table matches the rest of the Drachmann Collection and is perfect for the little ones in your family.

ecotots sideboard storage unit in leaf green

Made from just six pieces of formaldehyde-free, FSC Certified, environmentally-friendly real wood and featuring a durable, 100% non-toxic water-based finish, the ecotots Sideboard Storage Unit in Leaf Green assembles in minutes with a no tools assembly method. Check this out: there’s more than enough storage room for any room in the house: playroom, family room, mudroom or bedroom. You can use it as a TV stand, video gaming center, entry bench or even a foot locker. Plus! anti-pinch sliding doors keep little fingers safe from harms way. Enjoy years of use with a lifetime construction guarantee. Kids and Baby Design Ideas give the ecotots Sideboard Storage Unit in Leaf Green product two thumbs way up !

ecotos surfin twin bed in leaf green

Each piece from the ecotots Surfin Twin Bed is made from 100% formaldehyde-free, FSC Certified real wood and features an eco-friendly, non-toxic finish. The furniture assembles easily in minutes with an even easier no tools assembly method. The highly functional Twin Bed comes in a bunch of cool colours, so kids and parents can decide together. The ecotots Surfin Twin Bed in Leaf Green was designed and manufactured in the USA, and is a member of the Sustainable Furniture Council.

bloom Luxo Dresser

bloom luxo dresser

We like the bloom Luxo Dresser for many reasons. Reason #1 – it’s sleek and modern. Reason #2 – it’s large storage capacity is great for storing all of baby’s things and can then transition to storing toddler’s things. Reason #3 – Extra details like removable wood toiletries holder and shelf. Reason #4 – to service baby’s needs, a built to fit bloom change tray completes the look. Available in 2 striking colour combinations.

eco friendly kids armoire

This Eco-Friendly Kid’s Armoire is reminiscent of a mid-century design and also takes into consideration today’s space constraints. The Armoire is highly customizable and comes with multiple adjustable shelves, hang bar and neat ways to organize your wires or power cords. The Eco-Friendly Kid’s Armoire is made of 100% sustainably harvested hardwoods and features a variety of non-toxic, hand-rubbed color finishes, with a chalkboard option so you can let you little kids create art right on the surface.

childrens outdoor miniature furniture

This Children’s Outdoor Miniature Furniture is a small version of the Glenham Bench and is sure to provide countless hours of fun for your children. The outdoor set can not only be used for playtime, but is perfect for dining the little ones when you’re having barbeque’s or gatherings. The Children’s Outdoor Miniature Furniture can be purchased in a complete set and is suitable for residential or commercial use.

hayloft table for children

Designed in an environmentally responsible way, the Hayloft Table for Children is the perfect example of great design with limited impact on the planet. The Hayloft Table for Children is the companion piece to the Hayloft Chair, but can also be used a coffee table or end tables for adults. The Hayloft Table parts come flat packed for shipping and are easily assembled by fitting the slots together. Crafted of Baltic birch plywood with all edges rounded for safety, this table is suitable for kids ages 2 to 6.