As Halloween approaches, my job as a parent of a two-year-old girl is to begin the search for an age-appropriate and affordable costume. Some toddlers of today are very commercial savvy and have a strong preference for a particular character or a subject that appeals to them. My daughter doesn’t verbalize a favorite, so it’s up to me to sort through the myriad of offerings and choose something by my own standards that is cute yet responsible and that might interest her enough to wear it for more than five minutes.

My difficulty with buying most commercially made costumes is the toxicity of the synthetic materials they are usually made of. The non-recyclable vinyl fabrics and accessories just make me cringe and the fear of my child catching fire from an unattended flaming Jack-O-Lantern keeps me on high alert all the while running around the neighborhood, essentially not being able to enjoy myself because I’m so pre-occupied with safety.

The most popular costumes change and cycle through the years, but there are a few timeless favorites that can be homemade or modified to be more eco-friendly. Any versions or modifications made with 100% cotton gauze or muslin instead of nylon or rayon is a safer and much more comfortable choice for active toddlers.

1. Princesses and fairy costumes are usually adorned with glitter and plastic jewels on the bodice, wings, tiaras, wand or shoes. I’m convinced it’s the sparkle that appeals to young girls and they will wear uncomfortable or itchy outfits despite themselves.

2. Any Sesame Street character is another timeless genre for young boys or girls. If you have a creative streak and a sewing machine, the likeness of these old-school buddies can be crafted with colored fabric, yarn, or other easily obtainable recyclable materials.

3. Knights and Dragons maintain their appeal to young boys primarily.

4. Super Heroes of all kinds will again show up on the doorstep for 2012 parties and trick-or-treating.

5. The tried-and-true Halloween staples will always be in the Top 5 list, whether it’s a witch, a ghost, a skeleton or a black cat or spider. Somehow the scare factor decreases when a frightful costume is wrapped around a cute baby face and adorning a mini-body.

Happy Halloween!

girls superhero costume

Classics seems to be the theme for The top 5 halloween costumes for kids this year. Some of the most popular timeless characters will be making an appearance on doorsteps across America this Halloween, along with a few of the newer, more popular characters.

Boys, young and old, never seem to tire of playing the superhero. Luckily this year these good guys can be brought to life with the help of a new superhero costume. Some of the more popular heroes will be walking around this Halloween, and don’t be surprised to see Spider Man, Captain America, and yes, even the most popular Ranger of all, the Gold Power Ranger, will be Trick or Treating until night falls. Girls have their own classic superheroes and villains and this year they will be coming out in full force. The more popular costumes that will be seen on girls this year include Cat Woman, and even the female take on the ever popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The years may go by but for little girls the fairy tale never ends. For 2012 the most popular girls Halloween costumes are the classic Princesses. From Disney Aurora to Brave Merida, little girls will feel like the bell of the ball when they adorn one of these beautiful classics.

Monster High
The Monster High fashion dolls, as well as the novels, made their big debut in 2010, and little girls have been eating them up ever since. Since their debut these little creatures have made their way to their own TV specials, video games, and even apps for the iPhone. This year Monster High fanatics can dress up as their favorite character with the new Monster High costumes that are hitting the shelves.

For 2012 one of the more popular Halloween costumes for boys are soldiers. These are not just any soldiers, they are all from G.I. Joe. Snake Eyes, one of the more popular Joes, will be out ringing doorbells this year. There is more than just Joe this year on the Halloween front, costumes for boys that follow this popular dress up fantasy include Navy Seals, Special Ops, and even Fighter Jet Pilots.

Boys, and girls alike will be delighted that they get to play a grown up for a day. Kids can be transformed into their future dream careers with the help of Police guy or gal costumes, doctor costumes, nurse costumes, firefighter costumes, and even famous chef costumes.

Top 5 Halloween 2012 Costumes for Babies

baby pumpkin costume

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I look forward to it every year and enjoy dressing up. When I had kids, this holiday became even better. I love seeing personalities come alive through costumes. Even the shyest little one has an easier time expressing their identity during Halloween. Here are the top five costumes for your baby.

Minnie Mouse

If you have a baby girl, you might enjoy dressing her up as Minnie Mouse. There are several adorable Minnie costumes for little girls. You can take the costume to the next level and draw some whiskers on her face as well. Finish this look with some cute black shoes and she will look perfect.


If you have a boy, you might want to dress him up as a superhero. It’s never to young for boys to get involved with action figures. There are several cute superman costumes that will look adorable on your little man. They might even give you a glimpse at what the future holds.


All babies can be dressed up as pumpkins. This is one of the best costumes for your little baby. Both boys and girls look adorable in a large pumpkin. It compliments the chubby baby cheeks and will also keep your baby warm during cold Halloween nights.


At Halloween it is very fitting to see little babies dressed up as animals. One of the cutest animal costumes is a Lion. The headpiece on this costume is unique and fun. This costume can also work on both sexes. However, it is more common for baby boys. It’s a cute costume option that can also be reused when you have another baby.


Finally, consider dressing your baby up as a ghost. This costume is very fitting for the holiday season. It’s easy too. It’s a great costume to choose if you are on a budget. You can even create the ghostly look with a pillowcase. There are also several ghost costumes available for your baby. It’s a great option for both girls and boys.

Have fun dressing your baby on Halloween. Try one of these top-rated costumes that will make your baby look perfect this Halloween.

Toy Story Inflatable Jet Pack


What kid wouldn’t want this?! Your little Buzz Lightyear will go crazy for this inflatable jet pack! This is a set of inflatable vinyl wings.It’s a great toy for flying around at playtime and for using the imagination. All kids like to dress up and pretend they are are favorite movie or tv character. A kid will feel like he is Buzz Lightyear. This is a great gift idea for any kid who likes the Toy Story Movies. Its no wonder it one of the most popular this year!

Community Helper Costume Set for Kids

community helper costume set for kids

Now you can have one of each! The Community Helper Costume Set for Kids includes each of the eight Community Helper costumes. Here’s what you get: Pilot, Chef, Construction Worker, Doctor / Dentist, Firefighter, Nurse, Police Officer and Mail Carrier uniforms! These safe, durable costumes have a realistic appeal. The set also comes with each costume’s hat, bag and plush accessories. They are easy to clean up too. Just throw in the wash or wipe clean.

Kids Batman Begins Costume

kids batman costume

Do you have a kid obsessed with Batman? This deluxe, one-piece jumpsuit features cool muscle chest and arms, plus attached boot covers. The kids Batman costume includes foam tie-on belt and Batman mask with attached flowing cape. Your kids will go nuts for the Batman role-play Accessory Set, which includes four batarangs, a gold belt, grappling hook and a flashlight that projects the famous bat silhouette.

Kid’s Wizard Costume

kids wizard costume

Have a little Harry Potter fan in the house? This fantastic wizard costume, made just for kids, can be easily slipped on over clothes and adjusted with velcro, while the cap and costume are fitted with elastic to adapt them to different kid sizes. It is made from a 65% polyester, 35% cotton fabric, and can be easily washed when needed. If your child loves wizards and magic, this wizard costume is perfect for them! Especially at Halloween!

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Child’s Astronaut Costume

Buy astronaut costume

This out-of-this-world astronaut costume can be easily slipped on over your child’s clothes and adjusted with velcro, while the cap and costume are fitted with elastic to adapt them to different sizes. The space costume is made from a 65% polyester, 35% cotton fabric, and can be easily washed when needed. Your little space-farers will love having this costume for putting on plays, as a Halloween costume, or just pretending to be spacemen in their everyday play!!

Child’s Ladybug Costume

Buy ladybug costume

This adorable ladybug costume can be easily worn over clothes and adjusted with velcro, while the cap and costume are fitted with elastic to adapt them to every child’s different sizes. The ladybug costume is made from a 65% polyester, 35% cotton fabric, and can be easily washed when needed. Your child will have a great time at Halloween or any other dress-up occasion in this cute ladybug costume.