Kids Inflatable Earth Ball


What better way to teach your kids about the delicate planet we live on, than giving them a fun ball to play with that is modeled after the earth! The inflatable Earth Ball is 16 inches in diameter, glows in the dark, and is made with child and earth-safe phthalate-free material.

This awesome ball was created using NASA satellite photos, and the cities of the world on it light up in the dark! The Earth Ball is the perfect educational toy for getting your kids to learn about light pollution, population on the planet, and other sustainability info. It also comes with a cool handbook that includes lots of planet information and games.

Inflatable Globe

inflatable globe

Stimulate curiosity about far away lands with this glowing view of the world. This Inflatable Globe also makes a great nightlight! Clear labels indicate continents, countries, cities, bodies of water, and latitude and longitude lines. Provide a luminous view of the world during social studies lessons.

inflatable bounce house

Known for being the largest manufacturer of trampolines and inflatables in the world, Jumpking is a brand you can trust. These bouncy houses offer a fun and exhilarating way to exercise, and are perfect for kids!
The Yellow laminated PVC and polyester bounce house is suitable for volleyball, basketball, or soccer and it comes with the inflatable play balls for all of those sports. The Fun Field Bounce House includes a vinyl carrying bag and comes with stability loops and plastic stakes to secure Bounce House to the ground. Hours of bouncy outdoor fun for your kids will be had with this inflatable toy!

inflatable snow fort

This fun snow fort will make the kid’s winter vacation days so much more fun! Kids can have the best snow fight ever while taking cover in their very own Arctic Snow Bunker. Whether as a fort or a winter clubhouse, your kids will love being outside, and being active! The inflatable snow fort is constructed of crack resistant PVC for use indoors and especially outdoors,even on the coldest days. This inflatable snow fort is durable enough that it will last for many seasons.

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