Review – Widge iPad Case for Kids

Widge iPad Case for Kids

iPads are fantastic devices to encourage learning. With many applications to choose from to help a child’s reading, writing, math, etc., they offer a new opportunity for children to learn with new technology. I know that the thought of handing off your household Ipad off to the younger members of your family is enough to make you cringe dollar signs, as the image of the ipad crashing to the ground repeats in your head.

Anticipating that there might be some necessity to protect ipads form the curious,eager, and, admittedly dangerous, hands of the young, several products have come on the market, made to make sure that this doesn’t happen. The Widge ipad case was designed with this in mind. The Widge has models for third generation ipads and models for ipad 2. Priced around forty dollars, given the typical cost of Apple accessories, it’s a steal.

It’s name sake comes from the wedge shape design it has, angled for floor and table use, it can also be propped up on longways. It’s made from durable rubber material designed to absorb the concussive force of a fall from a slippery hand. The whole thing is somewhat bulky, aimed at being easier to grab firm hold of from multiple angles, though it does have a carrying handle on the back.

The only thing left vulnerable to less than careful ways of a young child is the screen. The Widge does not remove the need for a screen protector. The screen protector will save it from being scratched, as your child my decide that a quarter, or a pen is better than their finger, and The Widge will save the screen from shattering. As much of the screen remains exposed with The Widge as any other typical iPad cover, the dense rubber covering all sides will make it virtually(by clumsy kid standards)indestructible.

The case is also not so horribly designed, like so many other kid products. It avoids being overbearingly silly and child oriented by being a solid color and devoid of childish images. You could, if you and your children share an iPad, leave the cover on at all times. Assuming it doesn’t often leave the house.

The bulkiness of The Widge does make it much less convent to transport, but the case is easily removed and replaced when necessary. Best of all, The Widge allows you to take comfort in handing your child an expensive piece of technology, while allowing you, and your child, to take full advantage of the learning potential contained within.

How Young is Too Young for an iPad?


Just because a toddler is able to operate and play games on the Apple iPad, doesn’t mean that they should. Many toddlers of just age two are successfully able to use the iPad tablet. When many children see their parents using one, they want to be able to try it as well. It’s something new, fun, and exciting for them to learn. Because the iPad is so easy to use, it makes is simpler for small children to operate. With the many different applications, there are plenty of games for children of all ages to play, some even available for free. Once parents introduce their children to games, it becomes addicting and they may start asking to play on it all the time. Some parents have even went so far as to buy their toddlers their very own iPads.

Along with the iPad, comes safety risks for children. It is said that the iPad can actually be bad for small children’s brains, similar to how television, video games, computers, and cell phones are also not healthy for developing brains. If you sit you child down in front of the tablet for hours at a time, of course it can be bad for them. However, when monitored correctly and given a select period of time per day to play with the iPad, it can actually be very educational. Recent studies have actually shown that children from ages three to seven picked up on how to use the iPad in just minutes, opening applications and jumping right into game play. This was done much faster than studies have shown children to operate laptops and desktop computers. Not only can prolonged use of the iPad be harmful to developing brains, but there are also safety concerns for the tablet itself. They can be quite expensive, and if not handled correctly, it could potentially break. When children are given one, it puts the product at a greater risk of being dropped, having something spilled on it, and other common accidents. If you are going to be letting your child play with the iPad, it is very important that they are constantly monitored.

Years ago, children grew up in households that did not have tablets or other electronics. Play time was done through toys and running around outside. While many children love the opportunity to play on the tablet, it is still important that they receive play time away from the electronics. While the educational games on the iPad can provide a good learning experience for your child, it is also necessary that they receive the proper amount of physical activity and social interaction.

5 Great iPad Apps for Kids

iPad apps for kids

It is no secret that Apple’s iPad has revolutionized communication and business practices in the corporate world. One thing iPad developers may not have expected is the way the iPad has revolutionized learning for young children. The following apps are highly ranked, affordable top tier iPad apps that will appeal to and stimulate all facets of a child’s brain. The target age of the apps ranges from toddlers to kindergarten and a strong iPad case is advised.

1. Ace Writer – Alphabet Series

For under three dollars, Ace Writer offers a great opportunity for children learning to write letters. It demonstrates how children can draw letters and allows them to trace the lines with their fingers. The app not only supports both upper and lower case letters, it shows a word that starts with each letter, and lets children hear the sound of each letter. Ace writer is a bright and engaging genuine educational app which will give children a necessary head start in the classroom.

2. Sound Touch

The Sound Touch app, costing around four dollars, is great for toddlers or developmentally delayed children who have not yet developed fine motor skills. It features bright colors, sounds, and touching big buttons. There are six categories of objects – household objects, musical instruments, vehicles, domestic animals, wild animals, and birds.

3. Talking Carl

Talking Carl is an app with a simple premise: say anything to Carl and he will repeat it back in a very high pitched voice. If it sounds annoying as an adult it is because it is annoying but children can spend hours shouting things at him just to have him shout back even louder. They can also poke him, tickle him, and pinch him to elicit various responses. At just over a dollar, it is a deal.

4. Teach Me: Kindergarten

Priced at under one dollar, this app features a talking mouse guiding children through exercises in basic math, spelling, and “sight words”. They become progressively more difficult and with every three correct answers, children earn a coin they can use to purchase stickers. Many reviewers note that in particular, the math exercises do a good job of explaining how to add and subtract by counting objects and solving equations. There are also a toddler version and a first grade version of the Teach Me app.

5. Drawing Pad

Drawing Pad is a two dollar app that will appeal to the artist in any child. Children can use their fingers to simulate markers, paint brushes, colored pencils, crayons, stamps, and rollers. There is also a sticker book with over one hundred stickers. Parents can also purchase coloring books inside the app and share pictures with family and friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Fisher-Price iXL

fisher price ixl

This is going to be one of the hottest toys for kids this Christmas. It’s like an iPad for kids!

Fisher-Price’s iXL is a learning tool for childred that lets them read interactively, draw, look at pictures and play games. There are six programs that come with the iXL: story book, game player, music player, art studio, note book, and photo album. The story book reads out loud and lights up words as they go along; the note book helps kids practice their handwriting by providing upper case letters to trace; the art studio offers easy options for drawing with brushes or stamps on a variety of cartoon backgrounds.

And just like an iPad/iPhone, more programs will be downloadable in months following launch. New programs, as well as music files and pictures, can be loaded via USB or with the built-in SD card slot.The iXL became available in October for $79.99

moonlight low energy night light

The Moonlight plug Low Energy Night Light is a low energy night light that fits into a normal wall socket and uses the most modern energy efficient technology,which was actually developed by NASA to light up cockpit panels, to now give a restful, soft blue green light, making baby’s or child’s rooms feel safer for your little ones. For kids, waking in the dark in an dark room can be scary. The Moonlight Moonlight Low Energy Night Light is an eco-friendly, energy efficient way to prevent that.


Looking for the ultimate way to ensure your baby or child’s safety? The In Sight Baby Video Monitor gives you with a constant and clear view of your child. The pivoting, night-vision camera captures the best view of your baby, even in a dark nursery. The 5″ black and white video screen lets you see and hear your baby crystal clear up to 400 feet away.

radio receiver kit

You and your kids can make your own working crystal radio with this Radio Receiver Kit which works on the AM waveband. It works without mains power or batteries, you just have to ground it to a radiator and use the other wire as an aerial. The kit includes information so you can read all about its history and how it works and follow the easy illustrated instructions then simply ‘tune in’. Fun for the whole family!

Kids Digital Video Camera

kids digital video camera

Start your little Spielberg off with their very first video camera! Kids can produce and shoot their own movie! These hardy kids’ video cameras are super simple to use, even a five year old can start doing it. This child’s video camera includes 1.4″ preview screen and built in editing software , in which you can even add special effects. The kids digital video camera doubles as a digital camera and web cam as well.

Kids Keyboard and Mouse

kids computer keyboard

This is a great idea for kids, making computer time fun, and not frustrating! These kid-friendly keyboards features over-sized keys that better accommodate little fingers. The optical Mouse, with a cool water globe grip, is scaled down for smaller hands. Both are plug and play (no software to install); and are compatible with Windows and MAC systems.