Eco-Friendly Playroom Furniture Ideas and Tips

Kids Playroom Eco

Your home is one of the places where you have the control to make all areas showcase your personal sense of style and the lifestyle you choose to live. The goal of many parents nowadays is to impart as much eco-friendly design elements in to a home so that the house is a cleaner and greener place for kids to play and thrive.

If you have a children’s play area you can use a few simple green toddler playroom design tips to help bring a greener way of living even in to the play room of your home. Some of the ways you can make such areas more environmentally friendly is through the use of non-toxic materials and also use ecologically friendly paint, floor coverings and furniture. Take a look at my eco-friendly furniture pinterest page for more ideas.

Cute And Ecological Furniture For Kids Room By Hiromatsu Eco

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Kitchen Clean Up Games for Kids

Children can be motivated to clean up is they think that they are actually playing a game. A fun clean up game is teaching children to play, “Mother May I”. Children are to stay seated and can only move when it is there turn to ask mother a wish. They can say, “mother can I get an ice cream cone?” Mother would answer, “No”. They can ask, “mother can I take my dishes to the sink?” Mother would answer, “Yes.” This is a simple game that has no restrictions on what the kids can ask only on what Mother says they can.

The kitchen would soon be cleaned up if the kids are wise or it might take some time for the kids to catch on to the game. The only rule that must be made at the onset of the game is that the kids are not to leave the kitchen until Mother says so.

A simple kitchen clean up game is to allow little boys and girls to play house in the kitchen. The mother or father of the house must set his or her kitchen in order before the game of house can start or as part of the game of playing house. Many children have to learn how to use a dishwasher without breaking dishes. It is wise to let kids play house in the kitchen only when plastic, dishwasher proof dishes are out.

Playing house in the kitchen can involve both boys and girls. The game is to keep the house clean in order to play out the roles of the home makers. Playing house in the kitchen means that the kids have already had experience in playing house with kid appliances in kid’s play rooms. Otherwise, the real mother or father of the house might have to stick around to supervise the kids playing house.

Teaching Kids How To Recycle


Recycling items in our ‘throw it away’ mentality society can be a struggle to learn for adults and children. Teaching kids how to recycle at an early age will help nurture the ‘recycling’ thought mentality that stays with them throughout their adulthood. Naturally the parents will need to have ‘recycling’ as a priority for their lives and be an example; because kids learn by the way they see adults act.

The schools and educators have been practicing ‘recycling’ for years in the public schools. However it is important for the children to also practice the habit of recycling at home too. There are some basic items such as newspapers, plastic or tin cans that can be separated from regular trash and placed into their own containers. There are companies that will pay by the weight for aluminum cans, steel or iron.

Organizations like Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H Clubs, Boys & Girls Clubs have all created recycling programs to make teaching kids how to recycle easier. Collecting the aluminum cans helps create a fund raiser activity and gets the whole community involved. Recycling the aluminum cans helps raise money for supplies, badges and camping or exploration trips.

Teaching kids how to recycle materials is helping the future generations. By teaching and instilling the value and the reason to recycle to our children, the skill of recycling will stay with them throughout life and just become second nature to them. The earth’s resources are being used today at a high pace and if the children of tomorrow are going to have the resources to live, teaching kids how to recycle must be a priority today.

Keeping the Nursery Cool in Hot Weather


Babies sleep most comfortably in a nursery that is heated to between 16 degrees C and 20 degrees C. During very warm weather, that temperature can be hard to regulate. Here are some tips on keeping the nursery cool enough for your little one.

Your baby doesn’t need all that unnecessary bedding. It is recommended by pediatricians that a baby wearing a diaper and onesie will only need a sheet as bedding if the temperature in his room is 24 degrees C.

Take out any padding around the baby’s crib to allow the air to circulate. If you use a waterproof sheet, consider removing it while the weather is hot.

Fans are great for circulating air, but never point them right at your baby. Turn the fan on before your baby’s bedtime to allow the room time to cool down.

hayloft table for children

Designed in an environmentally responsible way, the Hayloft Table for Children is the perfect example of great design with limited impact on the planet. The Hayloft Table for Children is the companion piece to the Hayloft Chair, but can also be used a coffee table or end tables for adults. The Hayloft Table parts come flat packed for shipping and are easily assembled by fitting the slots together. Crafted of Baltic birch plywood with all edges rounded for safety, this table is suitable for kids ages 2 to 6.

Make Your Own Christmas Tree

make your own christmas tree

Set this up with the whole family for an extra special green Christmas! Make your own Christmas tree comes with over 150 super strong cardboard pieces made from recycled papers that are also biodegradable. Doesn’t that sound great? This cardboard Christmas tree will immediately lend a warm and festive spirit to your home. Once the New Year has come put all the pieces back in the box to rebuild a year later! The Christmas tree includes an angel, a deer, two peace doves, candles and decorations, and is topped with a star. A 3D alternative to traditional jigsaws. A charming green Christmas gift and learning tool.

How to have a Green Halloween

how to have a green halloween

Putting together a green Halloween is as easy as an orange and black one. Here are ten tips for an earth-friendly holiday.
1. If you’re having a party, E-mail party invites rather than snail-mail them. Get the kids involved and search the Internet for their own party invites.
2. Serve healthy and seasonal foods, like pumpkin, squash and in-season apples.
3. Buy pumpkins, apples and other seasonal items from a farmer’s market.
4. Make use of all pumpkin parts. After carving a pumpkin, make sure to save the seeds and roast them for a delicious treat. If possible, bury or compost your pumpkin carcass. Check out pumpkin the burial rituals at pumpkin craving 101, to “lay your pumpkin to rest with love and dignity.”
5. Use re-usable plates, cups, utensils, napkins and tablecloths if you plan to have festive party.
6. Make your own costume or buy one at a second-hand shop. Kids will love the creativity and quality time spent putting together silly costumes of their own.
7. Give out healthy treats. Some suggestions are organic popcorn, honey sticks, fruit leather and even healthy candy bars.
8. Instead of using paper or plastic disposable bags to collect treats, use or buy a recyclable bag.
9. Teach your children well. Teach them not to litter.
10. Experience nature. Visit a pumpkin farm!

Biome Fair Trade Advent Calendar

eco advent calendar

As part of your eco-friendly, fair trade Christmas plans, let your kids start the countdown with the Biome Christmas Tree Fair Trade Advent Calendar. These socially conscious advent calenders were made by a small collective of women in Kathmandu. They hand produce their own chemical free felt from hand soap and hot water, then hand sew each decoration together and place it on a string ready for December.

This wonderful enterprise was established five years ago in order to help many poor, socially excluded women by building their skills and providing opportunity to enhance their economic status and independence. The workers are provided with fair wages and work in a healthy, clean and safe environment.

kid reading book

It’s important to teach our kids the importance and value of the natural environment that they live in. It’s ideal to start teaching children about the natural world, endangered animals, and sustainability from a young age. This way they develop healthy and eco-friendly habits, and an ingrained sense of responsibility and respect for our planet.

Websites like Childsake, Dog-Eared Publications and Barefoot Books offer hundreds of books, written just for kids, on nature conservation, global warming, recycling, sustainability, plant and animal life, and multiculturalism.

Fun Eco-Friendly Kids Party Ideas

kids with balloons

Amazon Adventure Party – Create a rainforest scene in the living room, have everyone dress up as their favorite animal, in fact you can even make masks at the party, and watch Tarzan.

Backyard Eco Campout – Set up tents in the backyard, tell stories, look at the stars and have the kids identify constellations. For treats, have kids make their own organic smores and trail mix. You can use a hibachi for a fire.

Garden Party – Provide seeds, pots and soil, and have kids plant their own flowers, herbs or veggies.

Field Trip Party
– Take a tour of an organic farm, a dairy farm or an orchard.

Book Swap Party – Have each child bring one of their books (that they’ve already read) and trade with the other children in a book exchange.