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Christmas time just brings out the festive in us. What’s the best way to celebrate this season of giving? Give out eco-friendly kids Christmas gifts. This way, you don’t just give presents and put smiles on children’s faces; you can basically feel Mother Earth heave a sigh of relief.

The advent of the environmentalist movement has sparked many a group and individual to find different ways to help save our planet. From saving whales to fighting pollution-causing industries, environmentalists have moved from the fringe to the mainstream and the movement is reaching our kids. It is never too early to teach our kids the value of saving the planet with the help of eco-friendly toys.

Whether you’re a hardcore environmentalist or not, it would not hurt to give out eco-friendly kids Christmas gifts. Here is a list of popular green kids Christmas gifts in the market today:

1. Recycled Christmas cards. In this era of fast-paced internet connections, social networks, and virtual hugs and hohohos, Christmas cards are putting up a fight. You can send out hand-written greetings to loved ones anywhere using recycled cards and papers.

2. Wooden blocks. Go old school with wooden building blocks. You can buy blocks made of sturdy wood that come from a sustainable source. Some toy companies who use wood for their products return the favor by conducting tree-planting and other ecological activities. Also, wooden blocks are free of harmful BPA and lead which makes them perfect eco-friendly kids Christmas gifts.

3. Wind-up toys. These eco-friendly contraptions have been with us even before the visionary Leonardo da Vinci presented King Louis XII with a wind-up lion. Even then, wind-up toys were only given to royal bloods. Make your little one feel like a prince and surprise him with green kids Christmas gifts like wind-up toys and other modernized clockwork gadgets.

4. Solar-powered gadgets. Harvesting the sun’s energy is not confined to homes and cars anymore. Solar panels have made its way through to the toy section. Available in the market today are solar-powered toy cars and robots.

5. Pull toys. There is a variety of wooden dancing pull toys in the eco-friendly section of most toy stores. Like wooden blocks, they are safe and fun to play with.

Why do you think St. Nick rides a sleigh pulled by flying reindeers instead of a turbo-powered gas guzzler? That is because Santa loves the environment and so should all of us. Be green this holiday season and give away eco-friendly kids Christmas gifts. Do so and you’ll surely be on Santa’s list!


Create interest in eco-friendliness, sustainability and science in your children’s life with this mini windmill generator. Learn about renewable energy and watch how wind power can make an LED glow, with no batteries required!

Kit includes rotor, front housing with gear and rotor shaft installed, back housing, 2 half screw caps, toy motor with gear (generator), motor cover, 8 small screws, LED with wires and detailed instructions.

Eco Racers


Perfect for kids ages 3 and up, these adorable and eco-friendly little race cars will be a hit in your house this christmas. Sporty, streamlined wooden cars are made of eco-friendly bamboo materials. The cars feature racecar-inspired elements like racing stripes, roll bars and oversized wheels for non-stop fun at playtime. These awesome little racers come in blue, green or red, all of which are non-toxic.

Eco-Friendly CloudB Stuffed Animals

eco friendly cloudb stuffed animals

Award-winning plush eco-toys bring much needed attention to endangered animals. This amazing gift pack from CloudB includes items that soothe multiple senses that help your children sleep better. A Dozy Dolphin plays four soothing sounds, Polar Cuddle Cub gently shivers to provide comforting touch, and Twilight Sea Turtle projects stars in three soothing colors. All eco-friendly CloudB Stuffed Animals are made with either soy or bamboo fibres and a portion of your purchase will benefit Conservation International.

CloudB Lavender Lab

cloudb lavender lab

Natural Lavender scents have been tested and scientifically proven for their sleep benefits. The gentle aroma helps children (and adults) sleep easier. The Cloudb packets are filled with an exclusive blend of Lavender and aromatherapy scents which produces a gentle aroma that lasts up to five years. Made with the softest Velboa fabric, the Cloudb Lavender Lab is the softest little pup around!

Kids Eco-Friendly Work Bench

kids eco friendly work bench

For the budding carpenter or for any kid who just loves to build things, this Kids Eco-Friendly Work Bench puts the fun back into work! Made from environmentally friendly rubberwood, non-toxic water-based paints and biodegradable fabrics, the Kids Eco-Friendly Work Bench is the perfect gift for children and is also easy on the environment. The work bench is multicolored and its simple design is sure to get children playing for countless hours of fun.

Wooden Tea Time Play Set

wooden tea time play set

Tea time has a whole new look! This wooden tea time play set is an eco-friendly toy made from replenishable Rubberwood. This tea set encourages children to use their imaginations to host fun-filled tea parties with their friends. The wooden set includes two cups, saucers and spoon as well as tea pot and containers for cream and sugar. Made with non-toxic water based paints, the wooden tea time play set makes the perfect gift for your special little child.

city toys eco town

If only our own cities and towns were this environmentally conscious. The City Toys Eco Town is the perfect toy for intellectual development and pure entertainment. Your child can build the city of their dreams and let their imaginations run wild. The City Toys Eco Town stimulates creative thinking and visualization while informing your child about social environments, occupations, and how the world works and operates. All the materials are environmentally safe and made from replenishable Rubberwood.

recycled cardboard doll house

This eco friendly toy is made in the UK from recycled card. With all post-production waste also sent for recycling, the production of this product is wonderfully eco efficient. And to complete the recycling loop, the house itself can also be recycled at the end of its life.
A delightful recycled cardboard playhouse, this dolls house will delight your young one. Open fronted for easy access with windows and lots of rooms, it can sit either on a table or on the floor. Budding interior designers will have hours of fun painting and decorating their very own eco house with colours and fabrics.

Cardboardesign Kids Play House

cardboardesign kids play house

Eco friendly and full of fun, the Cardboardesign Kids Play House will encourage self expression and creative imagination. Paint inside or out. Mail or receive a letter in the convenient mail slot. Your children will appreciate that they can come and go as they please in this eco friendly Cardboardesign Kids play house.