Toy Review – Pinypon Mini Dolls

pinypon dolls

The Pinypon Mini Dolls are small, cute and offer children endless opportunities for creative play. The creative aspect of the Pinypon Mini Dolls is no surprise since they were released by Famosa, a company known for both innovation and quality products for over 50 years. Dolls from Famosa are known for being appealing and unique. These dolls are no exception.

Children want more than a one-piece toy that offers limited imaginative play. The more ways a toy can be used, the more stories and scenarios the children can create using the different aspects of the toys. The Pinypon Mini Dolls may be small in size, but they aren’t just one piece, static representations.

The heads are double sided and both heads and legs are connected by pegs that can be removed. Not only can the Pinypon Mini Dolls be used in imaginative play, children can also create whole new dolls by switching heads and legs from doll to doll or simply by turning the doll around. Hair can also be removed and switched from doll to doll. After the children have created their doll characters with hair, faces and legs, they can add accessories to finish off their doll creation with clothes, handbags, hair clips and bows and more.

There is a reason the Pinypon Mini Dolls attract children. The colors are bright, contemporary in design and are just the right size for children four and up to hold. These dolls give children hours of fun as they create new dolls simply by switching up all the different pieces parts available. There is no end to what children can do with the dolls, which were obviously designed with creative children in mind.

Even better for play is that there is also a Pinyon Caravan for the Pinyon Mini Doll collection. The Pinypon Mini Dolls fit into the caravan that opens up to reveal a doll, over 30 accessories and a pet. The Pinyon Caravan includes storage in the floor, closet and in kitchen drawers. It also includes a mirror so the dolls can see how they look and an actual working shower. There is even a boat and two surf boards.

Hottest X-Mas Gift This Year? Lets Rock Elmo!

Lets_Rock_Elmo is where you can meet Lets Rock Elmo, who is the latest inception of the insanely popular Elmo doll that has been popular for so many years. Lets Rock Elmo sings and dances, and plays a number of instruments.

Lets Rock Elmo is the latest bestseller from Hasbro, which is introducing the Lets Rock Elmo toy this season for kids aged between two and four years old.

Lets Rock Elmo plays the tambourine, drum sets and other separately sold instruments while singing songs that your kids can easily learn and sing along.

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Socktopus Sock Doll

socktopus sock doll

Clearly inspired by the infamous Sock Monkey, these eight-legged creatures are made from traditional red heel socks and button eyes. This Socktopus is handmade and these fabulous eco-friendly friends are made from recycled wool sweaters. Their woolly covering allows them to live comfortably on land, especially indoors and in the arms of your little ones. They are the perfect organic buddies for children of all ages, and will add a retro familiarity to your life. Socktopus Sock octopus doll comes in a couple different colors, Green-Blue or Red-Pink-Orange. Cute!

Sweater Monkey Dolls

sweater monkey dolls

Made by hand in the USA, These wonderful and adorable little friends are made from recycled sweaters. They are kid of like the eco-friendly, colorful cousin of the traditional sock monkey, which has become a cultural icon over many years. These monkey dolls are about 12″ tall. They come in the following vibrant lovely colors, Green-Blue, Red-Yellow-Orange, or Pink-Purple.

Organic Knit Teddy Bear

organic teddy bear

Made with certified organic cotton and colored in a water bath with dyes from plants and minerals means this toy is free from harmful substances from start to finish. This adorable knit toy bear, who is nine inches tall, comes in its own gift box,made of recycled paper of course, making it one gift that keeps on giving to both your child and the planet.

Sesame Street Puppets

sesame street puppets

Now your kids can put on the ultimate Sesame Street puppet show! Kids love playing the parts of these beloved and adorable Sesame Street characters. These Sesame Street plush puppets are of an extremely good quality. Made by Gund©, so they’re super soft and cuddly and they have movable arms and a firm mouthpiece, so they’re easier for small hands to manipulate.

penguin sweater critter

The penguin doll’s body and wings are made from black and white sweaters. Its bill and flexible feet are made from soft cotton jersey and the eyes are embroidered. Created using recycled wool sweaters and stuffed with shredded recycled polyester, each penguin is handmade by the Pear Tree Studio and may can be hand washed. Because they are made from unique, reused materials, each penguin doll is a one of a kind.

Pig Sweater Critter Doll

sweater pig doll

Made from clean recycled wool sweaters and stuffed with shredded recycled polyester, each pig doll is a different shade of pink and no two are alike. The ears are lined with cotton jersey, the eyes are embroidered and the doll’s tail is stitched into the back. Your kids will love these soft, eco-friendly sweater dolls!

Ecoleeko Ellybo Elephant

ecoleeko ellybo

Designed and handmade by Sue in the New York countryside, this adorable elephant toy is made of organic cotton/hemp corduroy, it is non-toxic, hand-dyed with printed bamboo fleece, and filled with natural kapok fiber and walnut shells. The elephant doll is sewn with organic cotton thread, and the faces are hand-stitched with soy/wool blended yarn. Every part of this cute doll is biodegradable over time.

Child’s Doll Cradle

doll cradle

This cradle makes a hearfelt, timeless gift! What little girl’s room would be complete without a doll cradle for her favorite doll? Knotty pine construction is available unfinished or in natural, honey oak, white, linen, and pastel finishes. The doll cradle’s top quality, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and easy-to-clean acrylic finish makes this a great choice for your child.

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