Stencil Kid’s Walls Beautifully and Safe!

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Are you ready to paint and stencil the walls of your kid’s playroom with green kids playroom wall stencils? It has been tested that conventional paints contain chemicals and gases that can leave toxins in your home for over 3 years. That is 3 years of breathing in chemicals that are harmful to your body and your children’s growing bodies.

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If you are ready to paint the nursery, your child’s room, the playroom or any room in the house, you may want to consider using a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)-free paint. A VOC-free or non-VOC paint is untinted and has less than 5 gLs of VOCs. Using this green environmentally friendly paint to stencil your favorite characters or sports onto the walls of your child’s room will brighten up the room and keep nasty toxins from infecting your children and others in your home.

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Give Your Child a Dinosaur Themed Bedroom

dinosaur theme bedrooms

What young child doesn’t love dinosaurs? Every young boy has pretended to be a dinosaur or spent countless hours playing with them at one time or another. So why not decorate your child’s room in a dinosaur theme? It’s much easier than you might think and a lot of it could be made at home.

You should start with a dinosaur friendly color of paint. Green and yellow tend to work best but you can get creative with some light shades of tans or blues. It could work just as good in a young girls room as well with some shades of pink or purple.

The next part is definitely the most fun. You can get crafty with some large sheets of construction paper and have your child help you choose the shapes and colors. Cut out all sorts of dinosaur shapes, glue on different colored spots and hang them all around the room. Have fun with the colors and remember that it’s better if they contrast from the walls. You would rather not use constructing paper, then felt and fabric work great. The best part about using fabric is the Different colors and shapes in the pattern really add a lot of fun to the room.

If your really ambitious and handy with a sewing machine you can even create your child’s own custom bed set. However, if you’re like most of us parents, picking out a great dinosaur print bed set with your child at a local department store is probably your best option.

Use many different shapes and colors, have fun with it and most importantly don’t forget to include your child in the design process! They can learn a lot from helping you and it will make them feel more ownership and responsibility in their room.

Race Car Themed Bedroom Ideas

kids bedroom racecar

Every kid has big dreams. Maybe yours wants to be an astronaut or maybe a firefighter. When I was a kid I always wanted to be a race car driver. If that sounds like your child, then read on for some ideas to build them the race car bedroom of their dreams.


What kind of a race would it be without the checkered flag announcing the winner? Get yourself some nice black and white checked fabric and make a simple window treatment or curtains. Do it yourself patterns can be found all over the Internet.


If you’ve ever spent some time pushing around toy cars with your child you would know that a play mat with streets depicted on it is just what your child needs. Incidentally, this may be their favorite part of the project.


Find some great shots of drivers posing with their cars, whether it’s Kasey Kahne or Dale Earnhardt Jr. Everyone has their favorites, and their not-so-favorites, just make sure you choose well for your child’s taste.


There are several companies online now that offer large, often life-sized decals of celebrities from Brad Pitt, to Boba Fett. If your child is a race car fan, imagine how excited he would be to have a huge decal of Lightning McQueen from Disney’s Cars hanging over s bed. Speaking of a bed…


Having been a little boy once myself, I can tell you that you cannot build your child a race car themed bedroom and not include the race car bed. The good news is there are plenty of manufacturers out there with many different styles, shapes, and colors to choose from. Take your time with this one, it will likely be the largest expense involved with this project.

How to Create A Princess Themed Bedroom


Princess themed bedrooms are very popular today, especially with millions of children being able to watch their favorite Disney princesses on DVD or Netflix whenever they want! My little girl loves Belle, whereas my son is more interested in Ariel and Mulan! Many children want to be able to live out their fantasies of becoming a princess and there is no better way to help them do this then to create a fantasy world in their bedroom. This can be a very fun process, and is not difficult to do if you have the right resources. It can also be a great opportunity for you to do a home improvement project that directly involves your kids!

The first step to creating a princess themed bedroom is changing the color of the walls. Simply painting the walls a light pink or lavender, or soft yellow color can change the whole atmosphere of the room. Fantasy-like paintings are also recommended to add the magical touch to the room. White furniture pieces also help add to the royal look as long as you select furniture that features a lot of curves and carvings. Four post beds are often used when creating a princess themed bedroom. A drapery over a headboard adds the finishing touch to this regal room.

A dress up station can encourage your little princess to dress up. An area for that purpose can be as simple as a small table and mirror, or a vanity set complete with a set of princess outfits. The dress up area can also contain an area for jewelry and crowns and tiaras for for any little girl or boy who loves dress-up.

Other small accents can be used to add a royal touch to the rooms. Curtains that are made of silk or velvet are great, affordable accents for the princess room. Glue-on beads, sparkles, crystals, and jewels are also great accents to add. Bejeweling is a very great method of adding glitz to almost any item in the room. A chandelier, or lighting similar, is also another popular accent. This will add a very sophisticated and subtle touch to the princess room, and will make the room so much closer to perfect for your little one.

How to Make Your Kid’s Room Jungle Themed

jungle themed room kids

Bring some excitement to a child’s room by transforming it into a jungle theme. Jungle animals and plants are bright and colorful for an fun space. The unisex theme is appropriate for either a boy or a girl. You can even make a jungle theme nursery for your little newborn monkey. Jungle themed rooms don’t have to be expensive when you put some planning into what you want accomplished in the space.

Add jungle theme paint colors to the walls to brighten the room. Sky blue is a good all over color for the walls if you want only one color of paint. Use jungle green, or Kelly green, on the lower two-thirds of the wall at the chair rail point for a more dramatic jungle effect. Add painted palm trees and vines if you know someone with artistic painting skills. You can also buy wall decals in a jungle theme to add monkeys, trees and vines without having to paint them.

Buy custom furniture in the shape of jungle animals or palm trees to continue with the theme. A lower cost option is to purchase plain children’s furniture and paint it in the jungle colors of green, yellow and blue. Add small jungle decals to the backs and seats of the chairs and the top of a small table. Paint the bed headboard in the same jungle colors and add some decals or paint jungle images. Apply a layer of polyurethane to protect the surface and decals for years of enjoyment. Don’t forget that a jungle theme lamp and figurines on shelves pulls the room together. You can make a lampshade for an existing lamp using jungle theme fabric.

Purchase or sew a jungle print bedspread and pillow covers. Make large floor pillows with the same fabric used for the bedspread, or purchase a jungle print sheet set and use that to make the pillows. Jungle animal shaped pillows are a fun accent to add to the bed, or on a small sitting chair in the room.

Add as little or as much of a jungle theme to the room as your budget allows. This theme is fun to explore and the final decorating project will bring joy to your child.

A Disney Princess Bedroom Design

disney princess bedroom

It can be a very intricate process when it comes to organizing and decorating a child’s room to suit their current tastes. Whether that is a current television program or movie, or just a general symbol of one of their favorite things, finding all of the pieces to tie the room together can prove to be tricky. However, there are subjects for this decorating that are plentiful and easy to find. A Disney princess bedroom design is a prime example of this.

The thing that people often do not realize when it comes to really decorating their child’s room, is that there are plenty of options for customization along the way. Consider this particular subject matter, the Disney princess, and appreciate the number of these characters there actually are.

With the popularity of these princesses, and even more being added to the fold all the time, it can be very difficult not to see products you could use to decorate with. Window shears and curtains, bed sets, area rugs, and posters are just a few examples of readily available items.

The question is, would you be able to spot these characters if you saw them in your local superstore or department store? The classics haven’t changed. You will still see classic characters like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Perhaps you might not be familiar with two new additions often seen with these classics, Aurora from Princess and the Frog and Rapunzel from the popular computer animated film Tangled.

Perhaps you can pull this entire room together piece by piece, comprised of different elements and products from various stores. Or, if you want to save yourself some time and effort, you can simply look to the Disney website to offer you some of the latest and greatest in design options for your little princess’s room.

Designing a Pirate Themed Kids Bedroom

Picture 3


This is a favorite theme of young boys (and even a lot of you girls!), especially if they are fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Decorating a pirate room is an adventure that families are able take on together.

There are many options on what to include in a pirates room. Wall murals, pirate bedding, treasure chest and banners are all great ways to decorate the room. The following are a few tips on items to add to a pirate room.

• A Pirate Ship Bed can be used as a focal point for the other decorations. The beds are built in a variety of shapes and colors. A bed created in a shade of brown is similar to a real pirate ship and will add to the room’s authentic feel. A few of the pirate ship bed models include a ship’s stern, wheels and cannons as well as a ship’s deck. Additional wooden furniture like blanket chests or wardrobes can be placed through the room for storage and comfort, and a brown rug can also be added to the floor to resemble a ship’s deck or sand.

• Paint the walls in blue to resemble the sky or sea. Including a mural of an island filled the walls can also include a mural of an island filled with treasure is a great way to increase the focus of the room.

• In addition to the walls, authentic lanterns can be placed though out the room to add to the feel of being at sea. A spyglass and an aged map on the wall can also reflect the theme of searching for treasure.

• If a mural cannot be painted, a real treasure chest (that’s where that blanket chest can come in handy) can be used instead. Creative ways to use the treasure chest is to fill the chest with plastic gold coins or use the treasure chest as a place your child can place their favorite toys and items.

• To tie everything together, a plaque can be used on the door with a sign that says “Pirates Only.” Your child will love their pirate room!

Panton Junior Chair

panton junior chair

The Panton Chair has always been a favorite of kids. They adore its bright, vibrant colors and smooth curves, and it’s as much fun to play with as it is to sit on. Designer Verner Panton began to consider the idea of producing a child-size version of the chair together with Vitra over 35 years ago. Now its possible. Vitra introduces the Panton Junior, whose production is based on the original plans of Verner Panton. Identical to the grown-up model in material and shape, the Panton Junior is about 25 percent smaller and available in seven different colors. Fantastic!

Alessi Holiday Figurine Collection

alessi holiday figurine collection

Any child will be thrilled to receive these holiday figurines from Alessi. For children, or for the children at heart, these alessi holiday figurines are extremely fun pieces for your home, office desk or display case. These holiday figurines boast a well detailed design that is impossible not to admire. Whether the Christmas Cow Boy figurine or exquisite Angel, these figurines are sure to bring to home some holiday flair, in a modern kind of way.

Katie Diaper Bag

katie diaper bag

One of the most recognizable diaper bags around, this fashionable lightweight diaper bag is perfect for the young urban mom who wants both style and substance. Handmade with designer dotted fabric trimmed with faux patent leather and finished with chrome hardware, this is the diaper bag that makes a statement. But it’s practical too! With accessories like a zip-in and zip-out inside lining, a washable animal print changing pad and multiple holders for things like cell phones, bottles, and baby wipes, the Katie Diaper Bag will fill your every need! The Katie Diaper Bag has been featured in In Style Magazine, O Magazine, Entertainment Weekly Magazine, People Magazine, InTouch Magazine, Pregancy Magazine, Child Magazine, Life & Style Magazine, OK Magazine, Fit Pregnancy Magazine and the Today Show!