Dad’s IKEA Hack Clubhouse/Loft Bed Video

dad ikea bed hack diy

dad ikea bed hack diy

The internet is losing it’s mind over this handy father and his amazing DIY project to turn 4 different IKEA furniture pieces into an awesome loft bed/slide/secret clubhouse for his young son. Check out his video for a detailed how-to!

dad ikea hack blueprints diy

Super Cute Nursery Design Ideas

Cute Baby Crib Bedding With Monkey Design Sets For Baby Nursery Cribs …

When you are expecting a baby, you want the nursery to be perfect. Many times, nurseries are not large rooms, but there are plenty of baby small room decor ideas that you can use to make your nursery stylish and comfortable.
If you are designing a small nursery, it is important select versatile furniture pieces. You likely will not have room for a full-size dresser and a changing table, so add a pad to the top of the dresser to use one piece for both functions.
Mirrors make a room appear larger, so an attractive mirror can help keep the attention away from the small size of your room. When your room is not large, you want to take advantage of the wall space. The wall above your baby’s crib is the perfect place to display sentimental family photos, a nursery rhyme print, a copy of your baby’s ultrasound picture or other items that will personalize the nursery.

Really Cute Nursery Cute Baby Crib Bedding With Monkey Design Sets For Baby Nursery Cribs ... Cute Boy Nursery Mickey Mouse Classically Cute Nursery ... Ideas With Modern And Best Theme: Cute Yellow Baby Boy Nursery Themes Cute Nursery Room Design 9 18 Lovely Babies Room Ideas By Kidsfactory
Finally, do not fill every available inch of the room with baby items. An over-crowded and cluttered room appears even smaller. Choose a few decorations and toys that are meaningful, and keep the rest of the items stored in a dresser or closet.



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Ideas for Kid’s Bedroom Designs

Beautiful Kid Room Ideas

So you’re trying to impress your kid with some cool bedroom design tips? Worry no more because you are not the first to try to do this what may seem to be a daunting task. Here are a few tips for you to consider.

The first thing you should ask yourself is what does my kid really enjoy? If your child enjoys football it would be a great idea to have some football designs in the room. If your child enjoys music it is a great idea to have a treble clef and some posters of popular artists that your kid enjoys.

Kids Room

Now, as we know the thinking up ideas part is the not the most difficult part, it is actually doing it. If you feel a little hesitant about your art work you are not alone, simply print of a drawing or picture of the design you want and trace it from there. If you’re not sure where to put something use your imagination and try several different ideas, make it an enjoyable experience.

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Rustic-Modern Toddler Bedroom Decor Ideas

Old Fashioned But Very Cute Kids Room

Do you love the feeling of a cozy bedroom, but wish some elements were more up to date? Try a new approach with a rustic modern style for a toddler’s room! Just take the elements that you love, and start mixing and matching.

For example, try beautiful natural wood for the bed, but use a modern bedspread with simple colors. You can also easily, and for very little money, accent the room with some gunmetal pull handles on the dressers or closet. Natural light is always great in a cozy, rustic room, so try to minimize the amount of harsh lights in the bedroom, and put in some thin curtains or blinds. A great place to achieve this look in any room is on the floor, check out some of the ideas here for rustic flooring.

Boys Room

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Adorable Baby’s Room Decorating Ideas

Nursery Decorating Ideas | Bedrooms

New mothers to be, know there is more to a nursery than just sticking a crib in the corner. Mothers to be usually choose baby bedroom décor ideas that are very contemporary in style. Most parents know within the first 6 or 7 months if they are having a boy or a girl. After the parents learn the sex of the unborn child, they will begin preparing for the birth of the child.

Choosing colors is the first part of preparing the nursery. Color is important and not always baby blue or pink. Once a color is chosen, and the painting is complete, the parents will decide on the perfect crib, changing table, and decorations to make the nursery fantastic. Some people look in areas such as thrift stores and consignment shops for items for their nurseries. Babies grow so fast, that the items in thrift stores or consignment shops are practically brand new. Contemporary style items are usually found in baby supply stores and furniture stores. Purchasing items from these places can help save the new parents money.

Baby Nursery Design Ideas

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Cool Nursery Color Design

So you find yourself trying to figure out how to make your baby’s room the best and coolest room in town? Be happy in knowing that you will have some great ideas after reading this article. The first question you need to ask yourself is what does my baby seem to enjoy?

Tree Walls Nursery

Cool Orange Kids Bedroom

Young children are imaginative and creative by nature, and their bedrooms should also reflect that. When you put your mind to work, the possibilities for creating a fun design for your child’s bedroom are truly endless. Here are just a few cool children’s bedroom design tips you might want to consider.

Kids Bedroom Sophisticated

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Teepee Playroom Design

One idea to decorate a kids playroom is to choose a theme that the kids all enjoy. Using Disney characters, television characters, or kid’s book characters is a great way to centralize a theme for children”s playrooms. If the room is for all girls then a Disney Princess theme could be just the perfect idea. If the room is for all boys going with Transformers, Pokemon, Bakugon, Spiderman, or Cars themes is best. Deciding what theme is best for all the kids who are spending time in the room is a great way to keep everyone happy.

Cool Playroom Decor

Barn Style Play Room

Rustic Modern Childs Play Room

Playrooms are a place for children to let their creativity grow and for them to play. But, you also would like the playroom to have a bit of a theme or look going on, not just a room thrown together. You may have seen the cutesy looks, and the boring looks, but what about jazzing it up with some simple pieces that might be right in your own house.

One of the in looks right now is rustic-modern. Some of the stuff you need might be in your house, saving you money. Below is a list with some rustic-modern children’s play room design tips.


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Modern Kids Bedroom Design Tips

Space saving tips for kids bedrooms

Lots of parents wonder about the best types of designs that can be used for decorating rooms. Interior design is always changing, but there are some great tips online and television for parents that want to decorate.

It all starts with the walls. Parents can use wallpaper or paint to transform a room. Some parents may want to get borders for children when they are toddlers. This is easy to put up and take down. As the children get older they may become much more vocal. It is during these times that they the children may have more to say about what they would like. For these times it is easier to paint the walls and start changing the beds and the furniture.

Kids room design ideas

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