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It’s important to teach our kids the importance and value of the natural environment that they live in. It’s ideal to start teaching children about the natural world, endangered animals, and sustainability from a young age. This way they develop healthy and eco-friendly habits, and an ingrained sense of responsibility and respect for our planet.

Websites like Childsake, Dog-Eared Publications and Barefoot Books offer hundreds of books, written just for kids, on nature conservation, global warming, recycling, sustainability, plant and animal life, and multiculturalism.

The Octonauts & The Sea Of Shade

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When we come across a new chlldren’s book that catches our fancy, we like to bring attention to it. The Octonauts & The Sea Of Shade tells the story of a crew of critters who love to explore the big blue ocean. From their undersea “Octopod” base, the eight talented animals are always ready for fun and excitement. The wonderful story is only complimented by the beautiful illustrations. Children fascinated by the ocean and water will fall in love with the story.