Cool and Modern Children’s Bunk Beds

Modern Bunk Beds

Children are a rambunctious group of people, they love to play, and they play rough. As parents sometimes it can be hard to organize our children’s bedroom, theirs clothes everywhere, and trash. If you’re looking for a way to clean your child’s room, you should look no further than a bunk bed. Cool children’s bunk beds can be found online, at a furniture, and many more places. Bunk beds have played a part in childhoods for decades, there versatile, and provide more room and takes up less space than two regular beds. More importantly, kids love them.

Collect This Idea Bunk Beds 3


Bunk beds come in a variety of styles, there are bunk beds that morph into play cars, cartoon characters and more, there is no limit to the amount of creativity and fun you can find in a bunk bed. Some people tend to stay away from bunk beds because they feel the setup may be too hard, but that’s not the case. Setup is simple, and usually the place where you purchase your bunk bed from will set the bed up for you. There’s nothing holding you back, buy one today and organize your child’s room.


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Check Out These Cool Kid’s Bunk Beds!

Rustic Bunk Bed

Many families with multiple children find themselves in a bind when it comes to situating beds in a single bedroom. With limited space bunk beds are a realistic option for any aged child or children.

Varying greatly from the simple 2×4 framed bunk bed from our era, there are now tons of cool kid’s bunk beds to choose from.

Modern Cool Bunk Bed

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20 Cool Modern Kids Bunk Beds

Tribeca Bunk Bed

There are many tips and tricks to make any set of bunk beds look modern and chic. One way is to simply paint the bunk beds a metallic tone such as chrome or silver. Painting them a high gloss black is always modern and trendy. A second way is to buy a set that comes in a kit with a metallic frame. Finally, a great option is metallic contact paper. Adding stainless steel is an option with the contact paper. All one needs is to measure, cut, and apply.

Ducduc Bunk Bed

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Find the Perfect Modern Kid’s Bunk Beds

L-shaped Bunk Beds With Desk

Parents are spoiled for choice with today’s modern kids bunk beds. At one time the only bunk beds available were bulky, boring, and wooden. Today’s come in a variety of fun designs and include great accessories such as slides and canopies for little adventurers and princesses. They are a great way to maximize space in smaller rooms and can also be a great way to add some style and character to a child’s room.

Ultra Modern Bunkbeds

Once available in only plain wooden frames, contemporary bunk beds come in a variety of styles so its easy to match any decor. From funky and chic, to retro and groovy, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to today’s beds. Parents can rejoice in the fact that they will like the look as much as the kids. Plus, the large variety means it’s easier to find one that will last through even the teen years without seeming too childish.

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A Rustic Bunk Bed for the Kids

log bunk beds

Kids love the outdoors. They love summers spent at camping, or at the cabin, and they love summer camp! When friends of mine were redecorating the bedroom of their two sons, they contacted me to help them find the perfect furniture for the room. They wanted to recreate the look and feel of a summer camp cabin, but one that the boys could enjoy year round.

Right away, I thought about how important the bed would be. The room isn’t huge – just about 300 square feet – and it still needed to fit a desk and a dresser. Naturally – I thought of bunk beds, which are great for kids under 12 that have to share a room – and that’s when I came across these perfect rustic log bunk beds!

They would look right at home at a mountain lodge or in any bunkhouse at the summer camp. Made of sturdy and solid aspen, cedar and even hickory logs – these bunks were the perfect fit for this family’s design needs.

Once the bed was put together in the room, the parents painted the room a lovely woodsy alpine green, with a chocolate brown trim. They placed glow in the dark stars on the ceiling so their little ones felt like they were sleeping under the Milky Way every night. Decorated with hunter green sheets and an outdoors themed bedding, and the bedroom was a complete success.

Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Wood Bunk Beds

eco friendly bunk bed

Bunk beds are almost a necessity for families with more than one child. Everyone who had one, has great memories of their bunk beds, because kids love them. As parents today, we want to give our kids those fun experiences of sharing a room with a sibling, but we also want to make the best choices for the environment.

Fortunately, there are many companies who make eco-friendly bunk beds from sustainably harvested wood. These bed look incredible because of the beautiful color and texture of the wood used, and best of all, they come from reclaimed wood – which is a wonderful way to green up your child’s bedroom.

Once you’ve chosen an eco-friendly bunk for your kids, shop around for some organic bedding as well. There are hundreds of different choices available, and you will sleep easier knowing that your little ones are sleeping in organic, chemical-free sheets and blankets.

And finally, here’s a quick tip for your peace of mind. Attach a little cordless nightlight to the ladder on your kid’s bunk bed, so if they need to get up in the middle of the night, there are no sleepy accidents when climbing up and down into their top bunk.

Getting Creative about Bunk Bed Safety

Windsor Bunk Bed

When considering a bunk bed for your children’s room, the first thing you should know is that it won’t stay a bunk bed for long. It will magically transform itself into a pirate ship, a fort or the northeast tower of a faraway castle. It will be the ringside seat to many an adventure.

Bunk Beds are Popular

Not only are bunk beds a popular choice when decorating a bedroom that is to be shared by siblings, it is also an easy decorating fix for small rooms. Since most kids will be tempted to treat a bunk bed like a jungle gym, there are some things to consider, especially if you’re purchasing one for the first time.

Bunk Beds for 6 and up

If one or more of your children you are buying the bunk bed for is under six, plan on putting them on the bottom bunk. If they don’t have an older sibling who will sleep in the top bunk, wait until they are older; then their motor skills will be developed enough to handle climbing.

Bunk Bed Safety

You want them to be as safe as possible. Ensure that the bunk bed you’re interested in meets all current safety standards; the top bunk is enclosed (all four sides) and is made of eco-friendly materials including a non-toxic paint or stain finish. To prevent the most common accidents associated with bunk beds, set a small handful of ground rules that can be easily enforced by you such as no jumping off the top bunk and using the ladder at all times.

Chocolate Walden Bunk Bed


We are loving the classic look and well-made craftsmanship of the Walden Bunk Bed. It’s timeless design and understated look will fit right into your kids room, and will last throughout their childhood. This bed is solidly built and beautifully finished and features a slat roll foundation that provides secure support for a mattress. Rest easy knowing that your kids are safe because this bed comes with two guardrails and a ladder (ladder can be placed on either side) so that your tots won’t be falling out in the middle of the night!

isabella twin bunk bed with optional accessories

This beautiful bed is part of the Isabella Collection, by Young America. Young America designs literally transform with the décor to follow a child from the nursery to college and on to their own home. Whether it’s a nautical nursery or a chic space for a budding fashionista, Young America fits right in. The Isabella Twin Bunk Bed with Optional Accessories has a Cane pattern and a cameo of roses that can be found on both sides of the headboard and footboard of Isabella’s whimsical bunk bed. It can be used as two twins for the younger princess and then later transformed and made into a bunk! Optional are underbed storage or sleep options.

Wild West Twin Bunk Bed

wild west twin bunk bed

Give ‘yer little cowpoke a piece of the Wild West with this Wild West Twin Bunk Bed! Mixed with the traditional ease of Stagecoach design and Wild West touches of function and fun, this “Dark Rustic Pine” Wild West Twin Bunk Bed is perfect for your child’s room. Constructed of solid pine and pine veneers in a “Dark Rustic Pine” finish, it is highlighted with washed green for an old, weathered look. The cool canvas tent is included!