Unique Bookcase Ideas for a Kid’s Room

Angular Bookcase

When it comes to planning the visual aesthetic of a child’s room, one aspect that is often overlooked at first is a bookcase. Of course, a bookcase is an important part of a kid’s room. It is important before they learn to read to have books to read to them, and it becomes much more important after they learn to read in order to encourage reading and learning.

However, you will want to ensure that your kid’s bookshelf will look cool and fit in with their room’s design scheme. Here are some ideas for cool kids bookcases.

Tree Shaped Bookcase

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Looking For Cool Kids Bookcases?

Cute Childs Bookshelf

We live in a day and age where your kid may not be reading as much as you were. In modern times, we have lost interest in the book in favor of internet scripts and literature, but your kid need not lose that timeless feel of books. You can get cool kids bookcases for your kids rooms.

Kids Tree Book Shelf

When choosing a bookcase, be sure to choose a material that will withstand the trials and tribulations of living with children. Among the materials that would be suitable for a child’s bedroom include metal, hardwood and plastic. Hardwood is an ideal surface when finished correctly it will be stain resistant and sturdy; it also supplies a beautiful feel to any room. Metal can be a fantastic alternative to hardwood; however, it does not have that antique feel that metal can give off.

Choosing the correct bookcase depends on how many books you want to store, but it should be proportionate to how many books your child will read. There are many bookcases that will suit the needs of a child’s bedroom. Just don’t forget to match the bookcase to the rest of the room.

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Castle Bookcase for Girls

castle bookcase for girls

This is for your precious little girl who has a Princess themed room! Beautifully constructed with two handy shelves and photo-frame bookends, hold your child’s favorite storybooks while this beautiful castle bookcase spins for easy access. This Castle Bookcase for Girls will suit most decors and wood colours.

Oeuf Mini-Library Bookcase

oeuf mini library bookcase

Designed in part to a reaction to the lack of storage available in children’s furniture, and part easy access, the Oeuf Mini-Library Bookcase nurtures new found independence, encouraging a child’s interaction with a trusted piece of furniture to see them into the future. Functionality meets high-end modern design.

Decorative Bus Bookshelf

decorative bus bookshelf

Hand lacquered and uniquely carved from one piece of wood, this bookshelf will become something passed down from generation to generation. Form and function meet in the ingenious Decorative Bus Bookshelf. This bookshelf can hold bedtime books and be used as a decorative object to make even the most modest surface look designed. Made by hand using the age-old technique of lacquering gives this bookshelf a unique richness in color and depth of finish.

Solid Wood 2 Sided Bookcase

solid wood 2 sided bookcase

Organize and display your toddlers books with this multi-faceted and durable Solid Wood 2 Sided Bookcase. The bookcase offers five shelves per side with different compartment heights and sizes. Features 3 powder-coated metal display shelves on either side and heavy duty casters for mobility. Would be perfect in a child’s bedroom, playroom or nursery.

eco friendly bookcase in cherry red

Constructed of solid hardwood with a cherry red lacquer finish, the eco-friendly Heritage Star Bookcase in Cherry Red offers a charming design for your child’s nursery. Featuring sanded edges and three adjustable shelves, this classic design will make a statement in your home. Created using sustainable forestry practices, this eco-friendly bookcase not only looks great but functions wonderfully as storage for books, toys, and more. Bookcase also available in Black, Navy and White.

Dwell Lemon Elephant Bookshelf

dwell lemon elephant bookshelf

Form and function meet in this adorable and brightly colored bookshelf. It can hold bedtime books and be used as a decorative object to make even the most simple room look well designed. Each piece is made by hand using the age-old technique of lacquering for a unique richness in color and depth of finish. With unique craftsmanship and design, these vibrantly colored and innovative bookshelves are going to be a classic fixture in your nursery or in your child’s room.

Circus Bookcase

circus book shelf

Is there anything more vibrant and inspiring than the circus? This wonderfully bright and colorful circus-themed bookcase will transform any playroom or bedroom into the big top. The bookshelf is hand crafted and hand painted and has all the spirit and excitement of a 3-ring circus. Your child can store their books or DVD’s on this adorable kid’s bookshelf.

Source: PoshTots.com – Extraordinary Child Furniture

Dollhouse Bookcase

dollhouse bookcase

This pastel colored dollhouse style bookcase is ideal for your little one. This bookcase has a flip top that makes playing and reading even more fun! The dollhouse bookcase is made of solid hard wood is perfect for her playroom or bedroom. An adorable girl’s bookcase!

Source: PoshTots.com – Extraordinary Kids Furniture