Wishbone Wooden Bike

wishbone wooden kids bike

We fell in love with the look of the Wishbone Bikes the second we set eyes on their unique and modern design! Once we did a little digging about where the bikes come from and the care that goes into making them, we were sold! These awesome kids bikes were designed in New Zealand to be super kid-friendly as well as totally eco-friendly. The Wishbone Bike is made with 60% recycled plastic wheels and sustainably harvested wood. Aside from that, this bike actually grows with your little one, starting at tricycle level, and adjusting as your child learns to ride two-wheels.

Here are the specifications of the Wooden Wishbone Bike:
Adjustable seat height – 11”-18” with a low weight of 8 lb 4oz
Features and Benefits:
Starts as a tricycle, converts to running bike
Bike box is made of recycled wood and non-toxic inks – Earth and kid safe
Features 12” pneumatic tires
Meets current US, EU, Australian and New Zealand safety standards

Wooden Tike Trike

wooden tike trike

This cute little Wooden Tike Trike is made of wood, and vegetable-based paints have been used so you can rest assure that what your child is playing with is safe. This Wooden Tike Trike is for ages one year old and up and was designed in Italy.

Schwinn Pink Tricycle

schwinn pink tricycle

Founded in 1895, Schwinn is an American icon that has been synonymous with quality and innovation. With a pink frame, chrome fenders and mustache-style cruiser handlebars, your little tyke will be cruisin’ in style with a classic Schwinn Pink Tricycle. Features galore on this trike, too. Folding steel basket for carrying cargo, real air tires and front-wheel drive.

Ergonomic Trike with Shade

ergonomic trike with shade

Made in Italy and created by studying children’s comfort at play, the Ergonomic Trike with Shade’s shape was designed to meet the needs and cater to the curves and lines of a child’s body. Plenty of safety features, like a three-point safety belt keep this trike safe to play on and ride. Plus, the included shade helps deflect sunlight from your child’s skin. With pedals on the mid-frame of this tricycle, your child will feel like he’s riding a bike!

Bike Saddle Bag for Children

bike saddle bag for children

Great for a quick adventure and to add a punch of colour to your bike, the Bike Saddle Bag for Childen is a must have for any child’s LIKEaBIKE. This well-crafted cloth pocket secures to the main frame of your bike like a saddle and is ideal for storing treasures while out and about. And just incase you have a little tumble riding around; the Bike Saddle Bag is also a great place to store some extra band-aids! Made of cloth and available in Red, Blue, Light-Green, Orange, and Dark Forest Green.

wooden wagon bike trailer

Another wonderful product from the LikeABike folks! With this Wooden Wagon Bike Trailer, your child can store their favorite toy or new discovery and still ride home safely and easily on their LIKEaBIKE. Crafted aesthetically, the Trailer attaches to the rear end of the bike that can also be hooked and unhooked by a child. Some assembly may be required. This product comes from wood grown in sustainable forests.

Jumper Aluminum Bike

jumper aluminum bike

Brand new to the LIKEaBIKE family, the Jumper Aluminum Bike has been made to the same top quality standard as the rest of the fleet, but this time using light weight aluminum rather than sustainable wood. Distinct to the Jumper Aluminum Bike is the rear suspension for extra bumpy paths and a fitted, comfortable padded leather seat! . The Jumper Aluminium Bike features Schwalbe Big Apple tires with puncture protection and a reflective trim for extra safety! Also available separately in Bright Green, Orange, Blue, and Coral Red.

childrens wooden race bike

LIKEaBIKES are based on the design of the 19th century walking machine, or “Hobby Horse”; a device that resembled a bike without pedals. Redesigned into a children’s toy, LIKEaBIKES allow children to learn to play while acquiring a sense of balance and can eliminate the need for training wheels in the future. These “learner bikes” teach balance and control at a much earlier age than traditional pedal bicycles with training wheels. This Childrens Wooden Race Bike is the original design for the LIKEaBIKE bike fleet, and the first learner bike invented. Unique to this bike are the cast solid rubber tires, making it a terrific outdoor bike. Also choose from a selection of optional accessories to customize your LIKEaBIKE!

childrens wooden bike basket

Handcrafted in Germany and made from sustainable birch wood, this classic Children’s bike basket, is built with the unmistakable LIKEaBIKE style. The durable sturdy Wooden Bike Basket hooks over the handlebars and can be fixed in place without nuts and bolts, so your child can attach and detach it whenever they need to. It’s also great for carrying toys and even a sandwich! The long-lasting and durable Birch plywood matches the Mountain, Race and Spoky models.

Leather Bike Bag

leather bike bag

Available in red and blue, this Leather Bike Bag is the essential accessory for a LIKEaBIKE! Constructed of top quality leather, this satchel is as durable as it is cool! With a multi-purpose design, the Leather Bike Bag can be hung over handlebars, over your shoulder or used as a back pack for little day trips. A brilliant feature that Mom and Dad will love is the little bell that is attached to the bag so your child can be heard wherever they are! Features include roomy interior, bell and toggle closure.