Kids Bedroom Design Ideas For Small Rooms

Cute Staircase Kids Bedroom Storage Ideas

You would think that because kids are small, small rooms would be sufficient for them to sleep and play in, but often, small spaces are a challenge to design with your child’s needs in mind. If you live in a smaller house or an apartment, you may be faced with the challenge of fitting your kid into a smaller space, so we have some ideas for you here.

Kids Storage Ideas
A huge problem to overcome in a smaller kids room is the issue of storage. Fortunately, a lot of great storage solutions exist out there for everything from extra clothes, to all those toys that seem to
never stop accumulating! You can find some wonderful, vertical storage options out there that will work in almost any space. Another option is under the bed storage units that slide out on casters.

Storage in a kids room can also be multi-purpose. A trunk can serve as a place to keep their toys, and it can be used as a play table or seating bench.

Kids Platform Bed

Parents looking for extra storage solutions in a child’s bedroom can’t go wrong with a platform bed that includes underbed drawers. For stray toys, extra clothes, bed linen and more, having extra storage in your child’s room is bound to come in handy.

Many models of kids platform beds include other storage solutions as well, such as book shelves in the headboard or cubbies built into the footboard. You’ll find variations on these designs ranging from all-in-one beds to separate pieces like an added hutch, bench, or trunk intended to work together.

Platform Beds Kids Love

When you’re, redesigning a child’s room you’ll want to make it fun. That’s great, but practicality is important too. Contemporary storage platform beds meet booth needs. Along with storage solutions, platform models come in a variety of styles and finishes, making it easy to choose a look that fits your child’s taste and existing décor.

Choose a platform bed from a popular collection to easily coordinate other furniture purchases and effortlessly create a theme. Prepac kids’ beds are a great example of both all-inclusive and modular designs, part of matching collections that can build an entire bedroom.

Getting Creative about Bunk Bed Safety

Windsor Bunk Bed

When considering a bunk bed for your children’s room, the first thing you should know is that it won’t stay a bunk bed for long. It will magically transform itself into a pirate ship, a fort or the northeast tower of a faraway castle. It will be the ringside seat to many an adventure.

Bunk Beds are Popular

Not only are bunk beds a popular choice when decorating a bedroom that is to be shared by siblings, it is also an easy decorating fix for small rooms. Since most kids will be tempted to treat a bunk bed like a jungle gym, there are some things to consider, especially if you’re purchasing one for the first time.

Bunk Beds for 6 and up

If one or more of your children you are buying the bunk bed for is under six, plan on putting them on the bottom bunk. If they don’t have an older sibling who will sleep in the top bunk, wait until they are older; then their motor skills will be developed enough to handle climbing.

Bunk Bed Safety

You want them to be as safe as possible. Ensure that the bunk bed you’re interested in meets all current safety standards; the top bunk is enclosed (all four sides) and is made of eco-friendly materials including a non-toxic paint or stain finish. To prevent the most common accidents associated with bunk beds, set a small handful of ground rules that can be easily enforced by you such as no jumping off the top bunk and using the ladder at all times.

Car Toddler Bed

car toddler bed

Your little one will love this bright red Disney Car Toddler Bed. Brighten up your little race car driver’s bedroom with this bed from Little Tikes. The bed comes in a toddler size for the littlest Disney Cars fans and is bright red with the Lightning McQueen shape. Going to bed has never been this fun!

Sparkly Princess Canopy Bed

sparkly princess canopy bed

For princesses everywhere, the Sparkly Princess Canopy Bed will be a dreamy way to fall sleep. Fit for a miniature princess, this Sparkly Princess Canopy Bed is full of beauty and grace that makes it perfect for your little girl. Designed with the look of lace rendered in elaborate wrought iron, this canopy bed is finished in sparkle silver.

Panel Bed with Trundle

panel bed with trundle

Original, bold designs such as this unique Panel bed with Trundle make this collection not only stylish, but versatile. The Panel Bed with Trundle by iRoom is offered in a natural clear maple finish with polished metal accents. The accents of this bed come in four bright colors and as always, it comes with the quality you expect from Lea Furniture. As well, the optional Trundle can be used for an accompanying mattress or optional storage space.

Walnut Toddler Bed

walnut toddler bed

Special ergonomically designed for small rooms, this collection combines a simple, functional and aesthetic design, while shifting in functionality parallel with the growth of your child. The collection is made of moulded European beech and is surface treated with a water based lacquer. The mattresses have interior pocket springs for improved comfort and ventilation. This walnut Toddler Bed combines natural and eco-friendly components to provide a safe environment for your child’s primary comfort zones.

Modena Toddler Bed

modena toddler bed

Constructed from New Zealand Radiata Pine Wood, this smart little toddler bed from Modena will aid in a smooth transition from the nursery to the kids room. It’s uniqueness is that it uses the same mattress as the Modena Crib; I call that economical and smart. The Modena Toddler Bed also has a storage compartment for additional space.

ecotos surfin twin bed in leaf green

Each piece from the ecotots Surfin Twin Bed is made from 100% formaldehyde-free, FSC Certified real wood and features an eco-friendly, non-toxic finish. The furniture assembles easily in minutes with an even easier no tools assembly method. The highly functional Twin Bed comes in a bunch of cool colours, so kids and parents can decide together. The ecotots Surfin Twin Bed in Leaf Green was designed and manufactured in the USA, and is a member of the Sustainable Furniture Council.

Funky Peace Futon

funky peace futon

For the little John Lennon’s of the world, this Funky Peace Futon makes a statement while providing great comfort. The Funky Peace Futon is made with a lightweight metal alloy and features an innovative hinge system that allows you to configure the futon between sofa, lounger, or sleeper. Durably made, this Funky Peace Futon will serve your kids well for many years. Also available in several fashion-forward cushion combinations, so go ahead and pick the most suitable match for your little one.