nature next bio plastic bathtub for baby

The Nature Next Bio-Plastic Bathtub is made from 50% bio-plastic, a new generation of durable plastics developed from renewable plant resources. The tub features Slide Guard contours to help keep your little one steady while bathing. There are also convenient holders built right into the tub for soap and accessories. When bath time is over, the shower hook makes storing and drying the tub easy.

Monkey Hooded Towel

monkey hooded towel

Bath time just got a whole lot cuter and fun! Slip on the Monkey Hooded Towel and let the monkeying around begin. Set comes with a hooded towel and bath mitt. Made of 100% terry with great super soft feel. Now the little ones won’t be able to wait for bathtime!

edushape Jungle Bath Fun

edushape jungle bath fun

Kids can go ahead and make a mess in the tub with these wet and stick foam tiles that will attach to any smooth surface when wet. Children can make their own imaginary scenes right on bathroom tiles with the edushape Jungle Bath Fun set. This set includes 17 brightly illustrated, easy to grab foam jungle and tropical foliage pieces that will stick to any smooth surface once wet. Bath time is fun time!

Little Bamboo Muslin Washers

little bamboo muslin washers

Perfect for your baby’s delicate skin, the Little Bamboo Muslin Washers are soft like silk to the touch and is 60% more water absorbent than cotton. The most delicate muslin washer your money can buy, the Little Bamboo Muslin Washers are made of bamboo, which is a rapidly renewable resource. The muslin washers draw away moisture from your baby by being more breathable than cotton and the fabric is 30% less susceptible to odors.

toothbrush holder timer

If you’re teaching your toddlers to brush their teeth, now there is a great and fun way to teach your toddlers just that. Made of high quality design and from materials made of wood and vegetable-based paints. The little timer makes sure they brush for a right amount of time and makes a game out of brushing teeth. Makes a great gift to encourage good dental hygiene habits.

Skip Hop Bath Toy Organizer

skip hop bath toy organizer

We love Skip Hop’s Bath Time Collection! They have the perfect bath time organizers that are fun and protect baby at the same time. Made of mesh and the fabric wetsuits are made of this Skip Hop Bath Toy Organizer dries quickly, lets toys dry out and stays mildew free. between baths. At last, the perfect place for rubber duckies and squirt fish to call home. The Skip Hop Bath Toy Organizer lets you see inside, stretches to fit all your toys and coordinates with the rest of the Bath Time Collection.

Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover

skip hop moby bath spout cover

A very smart idea from Skip Hop, MOBY is a bath spout cover that brightens up the bath while protecting baby’s head from bumps in the tub. Its stream-lined design includes an adjustable fin strap that secures and tightens on most spouts, and a tail that’s also a handy hook, so MOBY can hang around when bath time’s done. The rubber of the Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover is anti – microbial and resists mold!

Alessi Bathtub Plug

alessi bathtub plug

Kids will simply love this ordinary, everyday object made fun. Anything but ordinary is all that needs to be said of this truly unique bathtub plug that features a little floating man chained to a universal bathtub stopper. The Alessi Bathtub Plug is made from durable PP plastic available in three color options.

Skip Hop Baby Comb & Brush Set

skip hop baby comb brush set

This Skip Hop baby comb and brush set is super cute. The Hare base holds a baby soft comb and brush, which make up the hares ears. Includes comb with small teeth and brush with soft bristles. The Soft-grip handles are sized perfectly for adults. BPA, Phthalate and PVC free.

Funky Bath Toys

funky bath toys

Designed by Rebecca Finell, these funky bath toys are a collection of fifteen bath appliqués, three balls, and two mini-scrubbies—makes bath time a creative and playful experience. These designer toys do not absorb water, reducing mold and mildew. Their contemporary colors and funky forms look great in the modern bath. The mini-scrubbies are designed to fit little hands perfectly!