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Wooden Baby Toys From Haba Toys – New Wooden Baby Toys

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Wooden baby toys are a great gift for new parents or an investment to make for your own child. Wooden products tend to be more durable than their plastic counterparts and can be handed down to younger children later. Wooden toys are also less likely to break and cause a choking hazard. Rattles, blocks, cars, puzzles, and pull toys – such as a duck on wheels, are all popular items for infants and young toddlers.

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My Review of the Plaid Squirrel Fuzzyheads

Plaid Squirrel Fuzzyheads

I’m the father of two beautiful twins, both a boy and a girl. They recently turned three years old and have started to form their own opinions about what they like and dislike. You’d think that since both children are the same age, they’d have similar interests, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. For example, my daughter is very into dinosaurs and monsters right now while my son can’t stand them. He’s more a fan of superheroes and animals. They’ve been like this all their life. I never would have thought the two of them would like the same toy, but that’s exactly what happened when they received two Plaid Squirrel fuzzyheads for their birthday.

The fuzzyheads are a cross between a doll and a pillow. The company, Plaid Squirrel, makes a lot of offbeat toys, but they must be doing something right because both my children fell in love with them. The fuzzyheads get their name because of the fuzzy hair they have on top of their cylinder-shaped body. There are dozens of fuzzyheads to collect, but my son has the has the orange and black doll named L’Range while my daughter has the green and purple doll called Lime Larry.

The character pillows are extremely soft and almost silk like. I’m not sure what the exact fabric is, but it has stayed soft and cuddly through several washings so far. That, plus the goofy design of the pillow, has made the toy very appealing to my children.

The pillow wouldn’t be very doll like without a face, which is why eyes, eyebrows, and a goofy grin has been embroidered on. This means that there are no small parts to choke on.

Since the fuzzyhead pillows are cylinder shaped, they’re also great for car rides. I don’t know about other children, but nothing puts mine to sleep faster than a trip in the car. Unfortunately, car seats aren’t designed for sleeping children and their heads use to always plop forward or to the side. It made my neck hurt just looking at them, but the fuzzyhead dolls have solved that. The kids love to take them in the car because it keeps them entertained as I drive, but this also means that the pillow is positioned next to their head when they doze off. The support of the pillow means that they can sleep comfortably without having to worry about their head slumping over.

We’ve only had the fuzzyheads for a few months, so I can’t say how well they hold up long-term. What I can say is that both my children play with their dolls constantly and take them everywhere. The pillows have held up perfectly fine so far and show no signs of wearing down anytime soon.

5 Cool and Unique Baby Shower Gifts


Sometimes it seems like the gifts at a baby shower are all the same. While new parents don’t need a lot of extraneous things, practical but also cute or amusing are usually prized. Ecologically-friendly gifts let you share your respect for the earth, and provide the safest beginning to life for the new little one.

1. Diaper cakes are a great gift for the environmentally aware. These gifts contain organic cotton disposable diapers, organic baby soap and a stuffed friend. Even if the parents-to-be plan to use cloth, having some safe disposables on hand for emergencies is a great idea.

2. For the mother who is planning to breastfeed, Nipple Butter is a practical but amusing gift. New mothers often experience chapping and soreness, and Nipple Butter can help avoid these problems. Made of olive oil and cocoa seed butter, it is completely safe for mom and baby.

3. The Adiri Natural Nurser is designed with baby’s comfort and health in mind. It is shaped so that babies don’t get ‘nipple confusion’, which can result when conventional bottles and breastfeeding are simultaneously attempted. It is also BPA free, so the little one doesn’t get a dose of plastic additives.

4. Wrap your gift, whatever it is, in a baby blanket and tie it shut with a great scarf for mom. This adds an additional gift to your offering, and does not use wasteful wrapping paper or tape. If you prefer, a cloth gift bag that can be reused is also a thoughtful option.

5. New parents don’t always need more clothes or rattles. Sometimes, they would much rather have assistance in starting their new life. For people in a position to do so, offering homemade ‘gift certificates’ for babysitting, free meals, house cleaning, or any other chores can be very welcome.

If in doubt, cute baby clothes are still an adorable and useful option. Just make sure they aren’t so cute that mom and dad won’t be able to bear seeing them get thrown up on! Toys are a classic for a reason as well, and many a child has grown up hanging onto a toy they got before they were born.

Anatex Busy Train Activity Panel

anatex busy train activity panel

The Anatex Busy Train Activity Panel features bold primary colors, fun and friendly circus animal graphics, and five train panels with interactive gears. This toy will keep young kids entertained for hours. Completely interactive, the Anatex Busy Train Activity Panel also makes a beautiful addition to any play area or waiting room. All aboard for learning and fun!

Italtrike Tricycle

italtrike tricycle

Italians do it better! This fun, safe ergonomically designed Tricycle from Italtrike has a handle that has been designed for smaller children. The high quality painted steel with molded construction, and injection molded wheels make this a high quality, durable Tricycle for kids. Furthermore, with child-safe construction, you can rest assure the kids will be safe while riding an Italtrike Tricycle.

Baby Resting Mat

baby resting mat

This handy resting mat for baby helps to develop arm and neck strength when baby reaches that development stage. The convenient roll and go design makes it perfect for on-the-go and it’s easy to store. Includes two toys and a growth chart to measure baby. Handy and well-designed.

Traditional Baby Rattle

traditional baby rattle

Traditional Baby Rattle gifts have long been the gifts of choice for new arrivals. Sterling silver remains a traditional baby gift, and the heirloom quality of this silver baby gift is unparalleled. Designed with exquisite detail, engraving is available to make your selections all the more special.

Knitted Lambswool Doggie

knitted lambswool doggie

Crafted of knitted lambswool and designed by Donna Wilson, who graduated from Grays School of Art in Scotland. An oddly loveable and charming lambswool doll, that is both eccentric and irresistible all at the same time. Check out this Knitted Lambswool Doggie’s friends too!

Multi-Colored Finger Puppets

multi colored finger puppets

Kids love finger puppets so let their imagination run wild with these witty and fashionable toys. Delight your baby with the adorable Multi- Colored Finger Puppets from Dwellstudio. Sold together in sets of five, this lively bunch of animals including a bear, bunny, moose, owl and racoon, are just the right size for you and your little ones fingers.

Organic Cotton Story Mobile

organic cotton story mobile

Hang the ferm LIVING’s 100% organic cotton story mobile above the apple of your eye’s bed. The little moving figures in the mobile are bound to entertain for hours! ferm LIVING has included a little fairytale about the little figures in the mobile. The story mobile comes in a nice little box and would make a thoughtful baby shower gift.