bloom snug seat pad

For use with the bloom Coco Baby Lounger, Fresco High Chair, and Nano Folding High Chair comes the bloom Snug Seat Pad. Made of 100% soft, natural bamboo the ultra soft seat pad is also naturally anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic for baby. Bamboo has a tendency to dry 20% faster than cotton, leaving baby dry and comfortable. The bloom seat pad fully supports baby’s neck.

fisher price dreamy motions cradle swing

No parent should be with out a cradle swing for baby. A safe, engaging environment, the Fisher-Price Dreamy Motions Cradle Swing has 3 seat positions to keep baby soothed and relaxed. A Soft micro plush insert and headrest cradles the youngest of babies. Plays 8 musical tunes and 3 sound effects. A motorized mobile with soft floating clouds and cute little lambs engage baby from above.

fisher price zen cradle swing

The Zen Cradle Swing from Fisher-Price strikes a balance between comfort and function. Featuring rich textures, earthy colors and beautiful wood accents, the Zen Cradle Swing soothes baby by rocking side-to-side and front-to-back. Baby is surrounded by soft fabrics, soft music and the soft gentle motion of the toys on the mobile. The plush seat is removable and can be taken wherever you need to go.

Mush Baby Lounger

mush baby lounger

The Mush Baby Lounger contains soothing micro beads that mold to fit your baby in their most comfortable position. It develops sensory awareness and provides deep relaxation. The Mush baby Lounger is ultra soft, flexible and has a removable cover for superior comfort plus an additional quilted cover with soft padding. Integrated Gentle Soothing Vibrations system stimulates circulation and relaxes tight muscles. A great product!

Coco Stylewood Baby Lounger

coco stylewood baby lounger

We’ve reviewed this product before on Kids and Baby Design Ideas, but when a product is good we like to revisit it! The Coco Stylewood Baby Lounger put very simply, is beautifully simple in it’s minimalist design while at the same time being purely functional. This is a product for parents with discerning tastes. Features include a curved, single-piece frame, smooth self-rocking motion and a five point padded safety harness that is adjustable for a growing baby.

Baby Lounger

baby lounger

Constructed with a chrome steel frame, the Oeuf baby lounger is something no parent should be without. Suitable for babies up to eighteen pounds or until the child can sit up unassisted, the lightweight deeply padded seat offers the right self-soothing bounce to keep your little one happy. Available in three-point safety belt, the Oeuf baby lounger refuses to sacrifice safety for style. The cover is also 100% machine washable.

Bumbo Babysitter Baby Seat

bumbo babysitter baby seat

The award winning Bumbo Baby Seat was introduced in 2002 and is used or has been used by more than one million families in the U.S. and about two million around the world. # Endorsed by pediatricians, orthopedists, and physical therapists. The Bumbo baby seat keeps baby’s bottom at a lower level than the leg openings; and this seating position provides excellent support for baby’s growing back.

Coco Plexistyle Baby Lounger


An adorable lounger for your baby, the Coco Plexistyle Baby Lounger is the perfect addition to any contemporary baby-filled home. The comfort of this lounger will put your your baby to sleep faster than you can say “Pseudoantidisestablishmentarianism”. It features a finely contoured frame, which creates a smooth self-rocking motion for the ultimate baby relaxation experience! Now they just need to make these for grown-ups!