Check Out These Cool Kid’s Bunk Beds!

Rustic Bunk Bed

Many families with multiple children find themselves in a bind when it comes to situating beds in a single bedroom. With limited space bunk beds are a realistic option for any aged child or children.

Varying greatly from the simple 2×4 framed bunk bed from our era, there are now tons of cool kid’s bunk beds to choose from.

Modern Cool Bunk Bed

Some of the most common types of children’s bunk beds are a Walden bunk, simple bunk, trundle bunk, or single over double bunk.

A trundle bunk is perfect for people with little space, or low ceilings. The bottom bunk is stored under the top bunk and can just be pulled out for sleep, and put back after use. The bottom bunk is typically on casters for easy moving.

The single over double bunk is just how it sounds, a single bed over a double bed. This may be an option for a younger child and older child. The older child can have the spacious bottom bunk, and will be less likely to complain about sharing a room with a younger sibling!

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