A Rustic Bunk Bed for the Kids

log bunk beds

Kids love the outdoors. They love summers spent at camping, or at the cabin, and they love summer camp! When friends of mine were redecorating the bedroom of their two sons, they contacted me to help them find the perfect furniture for the room. They wanted to recreate the look and feel of a summer camp cabin, but one that the boys could enjoy year round.

Right away, I thought about how important the bed would be. The room isn’t huge – just about 300 square feet – and it still needed to fit a desk and a dresser. Naturally – I thought of bunk beds, which are great for kids under 12 that have to share a room – and that’s when I came across these perfect rustic log bunk beds!

They would look right at home at a mountain lodge or in any bunkhouse at the summer camp. Made of sturdy and solid aspen, cedar and even hickory logs – these bunks were the perfect fit for this family’s design needs.

Once the bed was put together in the room, the parents painted the room a lovely woodsy alpine green, with a chocolate brown trim. They placed glow in the dark stars on the ceiling so their little ones felt like they were sleeping under the Milky Way every night. Decorated with hunter green sheets and an outdoors themed bedding, and the bedroom was a complete success.