20 Cool Modern Kids Bunk Beds

Tribeca Bunk Bed

There are many tips and tricks to make any set of bunk beds look modern and chic. One way is to simply paint the bunk beds a metallic tone such as chrome or silver. Painting them a high gloss black is always modern and trendy. A second way is to buy a set that comes in a kit with a metallic frame. Finally, a great option is metallic contact paper. Adding stainless steel is an option with the contact paper. All one needs is to measure, cut, and apply.

Ducduc Bunk Bed

Another great tip for modern bunk beds is to build a custom set. Work with a licensed contractor or carpenter; someone who is licensed in making custom home furniture is best. They can use modern pipes, industrial ducts, and metal grates to make a great set of custom bunk beds that will have a totally industrial feel. For a less extreme design, these same contractors can also design a metal set of bunk beds that attach to the wall and lift up for more room in crowded spaces. In cases where storage is needed, it can be added into the beds themselves or added as a cabinet or desk on the side.

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