Unique Bookcase Ideas for a Kid’s Room

Angular Bookcase

When it comes to planning the visual aesthetic of a child’s room, one aspect that is often overlooked at first is a bookcase. Of course, a bookcase is an important part of a kid’s room. It is important before they learn to read to have books to read to them, and it becomes much more important after they learn to read in order to encourage reading and learning.

However, you will want to ensure that your kid’s bookshelf will look cool and fit in with their room’s design scheme. Here are some ideas for cool kids bookcases.

Tree Shaped Bookcase

If you are low on space, you can always consolidate the bookshelf space with other storage. For example, you could use a cubby-style storage unit to store books in some cubbies, pictures and toys in others.

Another idea if space is limited is to use a more traditional bookcase but also store other decorations and/or toys on top of the case and in any spare space on the shelves. A bookcase of the right height can also double as a nightstand.

If you mount your own shelves on the wall for book storage, you can also incorporate the shelves into a painted design on the wall, such as a tree or railroad tracks.

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